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Dec 8, 2013 07:36 PM

great shanghai style noodles?

have a guest coming in from out of town and he is longing for shanghai style noodles. where???

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  1. Shanghai Café on Mott St is excellent. If there is a line at the door don't fret. It moves quickly. I think it is cash only.

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    1. Shanghai Café at 100 Mott Street is now called Shanghai Café Deluxe. You have three options in Chinatown:


      Shanghai Café Deluxe:

      Shanghai Heping:

      1. Shanghai Cafe is legendary

        1. Not to get too off-topic, but can someone educate me on what people mean when they say "Shanghai style noodles"?

          Are people referring to the kind or type of noodles (i.e., "cumian" or those that resemble udon), or a style of cooking (i.e., a stir-fry using cumian and a slurry of chicken broth, etc.)?

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            I had exactly the same question. Shanghai noodles to me mean cumian (粗麵) which means "rough" noodles--they are coarse and wide like udon. But is there a particular cooking method or sauce meant here?

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              I think immediately of "shang hai cu cao mian" (sorry if my pinyin is off)