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Dec 8, 2013 07:25 PM

Medium-sized party, vegan-friendly recommendations

Next month, I will be having several colleagues all coming into town for a CE course or two, and we are trying to get together. Head count may be as high as 30. Some of those special guests have a plant-based preference, so even though my first choice would be McKendrick's--and I know they CAN do vegetable-based stuff, perhaps making entrees from sides--we should also consider places which might be more-routinely vegan-friendly, but still offer a variety for meat-lovers like myself. Chops is a noted favorite place amongst those coming also.

Anyone have some you-notch recommendations for such an event?


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  1. I love the vegetable dishes at JCT Kitchen - almost better than the meats, in my opinion. But not sure if they're vegan or drowning in butter.