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Dec 8, 2013 06:14 PM

Work Luncheon Suggestions

Group of 30-35

Located in PB but willing to go in 15 min drive radius.

Would prefer to avoid preset menu.

To give an idea of interests, I tried World Famous and JRDN but unable to reserve. Open to any suggestions.

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  1. Maybe Fish Shop on Garnet, they're small but, if you call they might be able to accommodate. They're seldom maxed out.

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    1. re: cstr

      No particular cuisine. With such a large group, hard to pinpoint a preference. Just looking for a nice place in terms of ambience. Under $20 per person minus drinks. I

      Anyone with experience with Isabel's Cantina?

      1. re: alcoholic29

        I like Isabel's Cantina and, if they can handle your group size, it's right in your price point. Nice ambiance as well.
        You could also consider Cafe Athena...

        1. re: alcoholic29

          9-10 has a very good 3-three course lunch special for $25 and they have rooms which could easily accomodate this number of people

          1. re: alcoholic29

            Isabel's is good.

            What about Beaumont's in Bird Rock?

          2. re: cstr

            Might be too far but Adams Ave Grill and the El Zarape on Adams have both accommodated my work staff of 30 and worked hard to make it a great experience. We were able to order off the menu.

          3. Have you tried The Fishery in North PB?

            It would also help if you let us know if you had a particular cuisine in mind or if it does not matter...thanks