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Dec 8, 2013 05:06 PM

Family that loves Asian food coming for 4 days, please help us plan

Our boys are 12 and 9 and love Chinese, Vietnamese, non-sushi Japanese and Korean food, as well as the usual burgers, pasta and pizza. We are definitely visiting a Jewish deli (Nate n Als?) which should be easy as we will be based in Beverly Hills, but are also going to LACMA, the La Brea tar pits, the Santa Monica pier, and maybe hiking in Runyon Canyon. Any advice that can get us tasty eats as we run through our itinerary would be most appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Go to Langer's Deli not Nate n Al's for the best pastrami on earth. Open till 4 daily closed sunday.

    For pizza 800 Degrees in Westwood Village. Great pizzas you custom build. Always a line out the door but worth the wait.

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      Langer's pastrami, need I say more…..

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          But if in bh already Nate n Als ez and good.

    2. Park's BBQ for wonderful Korean meats cooked at your table. Great food and service.

      The Original Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfaix for a taste of LA Open everyday rain or shine.

      1. Lukshon in Culver City for a modern take on Asian cuisine.

        1. When are you coming to LA? If it's around the X-mas holiday, traffic might be light enough that you could consider going to San Gabriel Valley for Chinese (and they'll definitely be open on the holidays!). Just do a search; you'll find an overwhelming number of options.

          For Japanese, Sawtelle (just west of hte 405 freeway) is enjoyable and family friendly. Just be warned that parking at night is very difficult to find.

          Agree with wienermobile's recs. Lukshon is very tasty, but also rather high-end. Not sure if the boys would necessarily enjoy that, but perhaps they have very a sophisticated palate already? Park's can also be pricey, but the meat and service are quite good.

          My partner and I hit 800 Deg on Saturday night. No line b/c it's finals wk for UCLA. =)

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            If you want to take a trip to SGV (10 minutes east of downtown LA down the 10 fwy) my favorite is the dim sum at Sea Harbour in Rosemead, On weekends they open at 10am and the line starts around 9:30... but worth it.

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              +1 on Sea Harbour.

              We actually enjoy a bit of a wait as it makes it that much more exciting when we walk to our table and we're hit with the aromas, sights, and sounds of diners noshing on fresh dim sum. That first sip of hot tea is just terrific.

          2. Thanks for the recs. It sounds as if I need to plan for sights OR for food, but not for both?

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              Depends. ;) If you want *really* good Chinese food, it's probably ~20 miles from the sights you're seeing. There's plenty of good Korean food in Koreatown (a search of that will also likely pull up an overwhelming list of options), and Koreatown isn't too far from your more easterly located sights. And Sawtelle is located in the west part of LA, so not too far from the Santa Monica pier (although still several miles away).

              There's plenty of good food relatively close to where you'll be visiting, but it'll probably fall under the more burgers, pasta, pizza. Huckleberry, Milo and Olive, Hostaria del Piccolo are all good (and kind of pricey). Fundamental LA has great sandwiches and burger (not sure if the burger's available for lunch?) but is also not cheap. I also usually recommend Javan (persian), Monte Alban (Oaxacan), and Tacos Punta Cabras (elevated tacos and ceviche). The latter 3 are quite reasonably priced.

              Not sure where you're coming from, but everything in LA tends to be relatively scattered, so planning ahead in terms of driving and such and also being prepared for random pockets of traffic is advisable. Again, traffic tends to be better during the actual holidays day itself (but not necessarily right b/f, when everyone is trying to get somewhere else).

              Someone visiting from Australia posted recently, and there were several responses. Might be worthwhile to check out the recs + the poster's review.

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                If you want to get good Chinese food in the SGV, why not visit the Huntington Library in San Marino? It is a truly remarkable place.