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Dec 8, 2013 04:22 PM

German Food In the Austin Area?

My anniversary with my boyfriend is coming up soon and I would like to surprise him with his favorite German food! He went on a trip this summer to Germany and he feel in love with this food called Döner Kebab (It's a meat sandwich with vegetables in between round bread). (Although from my search online it seems it is a Turkish dish).

I was wondering if anyone knew where we could get these Döner sandwiches and what restaurant has the best ones!

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  1. Vert's Kebap has doner sandwiches – they're pretty tasty. And yep, there's a sizeable Turkish population in Germany, so there's the connection!

    They have locations all over town. It's a small (local, I believe) chain, with kind of the upscale fast food vibe of a place like Chipotle. Not exactly a hot date spot, but doner kebab restaurants usually aren't anything fancy.

    1. I've tried the Anderson Verts. It was eh okay, but I won't go back, certainly not for my anniversary. I'd be happier with soup down the block at San Francisco Bakery.

      Incidentally, this is a First post on finding a good Doner kebab. Coincidentally posted, too, when only one (mediocre) version exists (and relatively recently) in Austin? I wonder if Verts is drumming up a bit of biznass? -cynic

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        Yeah, I wouldn't call Döner an anniversary meal, even if it's something you really really like.

        I hesitated to get going on this topic since Döners are near and dear to my heart (I lived in Berlin for many years). Verts is ok. The bread's not quite right and neither are the proportions, which I guess comes from trying to make them 500 calories or whatever they advertise. Döner's not supposed to be healthy! The meat at Verts is too dry for my tastes too. But the seasoning and sauces are spot on. Honestly the thing that keeps me from going there is the owners' aggressive business student approach. It really turns me off.

        As far as German food in Austin goes, I keep meaning to try Fabi and Rosi. Their menus look really close to what you'd find in a German (neue deutsche Küche) restaurant in Germany. Better than the typical stuff you find at "German" restaurants here, which somehow doesn't taste anything like the real thing. Not to mention that "German" restaurants here always seem to have the same dishes on their menus, when German cuisine has so much more to offer. Not that there's anything wrong with schnitzel, red cabbage, sausage, etc. done well!

        1. re: kosheri

          Yeah, Verts isn't as good as the couple places I used to frequent in NY (nor Germany, of course), but I still think it's pretty solid. And you're right – the seasonings/toppings/sauces are great. Love the hot sauce.

          And out of curiosity, what do you mean by "aggressive business student" approach? I've gotta say the one thing that turned me off about the place was the guy who rang me up. He had to have been the manager – he very enthusiastically asked me where I heard about Verts, then gave me fervent, newscaster-y instructions on how to eat my sandwich. I know he was just trying to be nice, but deep down I really wanted to tell him what he could do with it.

          Also re: anniversary dinner, I'd put this place as more of an anniversary lunch option. Go somewhere much better in the evening...

          1. re: popvulture

            or, it could be an option to end the night. the one on the drag was open past last call last i checked. every Doner I ever had in europe and canada was from a street stall after the bar

            1. re: ieathereforeiam

              This sounds like a good idea. ieathereforeiam. Also, a gay bar is fun for anniversaries. I'm not really that gay, but it is a good time and they usually have cheap drinks. Plenty of Germans.You could hit Uncle Charlie's for last call and then get the doner on the drag. If a gay bar is not your fancy, then there's the underground bar next to the Capitol. They have a mean Colorado Bulldog. Cloak Room. And a badass and cheap juke box.

            2. re: popvulture

              Haha, that fits right in with the way I feel about them. From what I understand, the owners were MBA students at UT and decided first that they wanted to start a business and then decided it should be a Döner place. It seems like the business part comes before the food. I guess I prefer to eat at places that focus more on getting the food perfect at one or two spots than rapidly expanding their brand. On the other hand, if they can do well enough to make the big bucks, then who can blame them, I guess.

        2. In my opinion, the best German food in the Austin area is definitely the Walburg Restaurant.

          But make your reservation before you go. They fill up way ahead of time and it's a pretty long way to go for nothing.

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          1. re: Jaymes

            ...and it is a long ride back to Austin without a DD

            1. re: TroyTempest

              Yes, and in Wilco. You don't want to be in jail there.

              1. re: rudeboy

                Sounds to me like there are a few of us that have attended Oktoberfest at the Walburg Biergarten. Eins, zwei…g'suffa!