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Dec 8, 2013 01:53 PM

Recommendations for a great Lemon Cake?

Fellow Hounds:

I am ISO a great Lemon Cake in T.O. for a Birthday to feed about a dozen people (need not be huge...) Phipps is generally my go to...

Just wondering if anyone has any other recommendations? I am particularly interested in anything that combines Lemon and blueberry...

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  1. Ooh, I probably sound like a broken record, but I love the lemon layer cake at Flaky Tart. She usually does a lemon vodka mousse for the filling, which is delicious, but since all cakes are made to order, you could talk to them about something blueberry.

    1. Dufflet's "Lemon Parfait" is delicious and nicely lemon-y. I order it quite often for birthday celebrations. One of my favourite cakes! (I love lemon though.)

      From their website: "Airy lemon mousse and lemon soaked sponge cake surrounded by mounds of pure whipped cream; finished with fresh glazed lemon and white chocolate shavings."

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      1. re: Crepes Suzette

        I was going to recommend another lemon cake made by Dufflet, their lemon layer cake (no white chocolate, and no mounds of whipped cream). It's available at some Loblaws locations.

        1. re: Crepes Suzette

          LOVE the Lemon Parfait cake from Dufflet. Exactly as you say!

        2. Frangipane makes the best lemon cake I've ever tasted. Dupont at Huron.

          1. Wow... thanks for the great suggestions TJ, Prima C/S and schmecks. They all sound delicious!

            Just curious if any of you have tried any of the other suggestions as a comparison? (no need to be overly critical obviously - everybody's taste is different)

            Also Prima, Lemon Layer Cake sounds delicious but I hadn't even considered the grocery store (d'oh!) Wouldn't the cakes sold in Loblaws be different than ordering one from Dufflet? (or somewhere else?) I'm thinking preservatives for shelf life at the grocery store?

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            1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

              I've had both Flaky Tart and two of Dufflet's lemon cakes. My personal preference is FT, but Dufflet's are very good! I've only had Dufflet's right from one of their bakeries, not from the grocery store, so can't comment on that.

              1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                I bought the lemon layer cakelet at the Yonge St/Yonge Blvd Loblaws on a Sat night, and it was fine, and didn't seem to be loaded with preservatives. I think that particular Loblaws location has good turnover for Dufflets cakes. I'm sure it could be better, and possibly fresher from an actual Dufflets location, but the Loblaws was more convenient for me. :)

                1. re: prima

                  Thanks, Prima. I generally agree with your postings so I was curious as to why supermarket over a special order. Since time is not a factor here (1st week of Jan) I don't require the convenience of a grocery store. (but a good tip regardless!)

                  1. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                    I needed a last minute lemon dessert for a friend's party, it was around closing time for the Dufflets on Yonge, and parking is easier at Loblaws. :). That's actually the only cake I've bought at Loblaws, but I thought it was the best dessert at the party. I buy most of my last minute cakes from Whole Foods and Pusateri's, rather than heading to Rahier, Phipps, Dufflets, etc., again, mostly because of their relative convenience when it comes to parking and TTC.

                2. re: kwfoodiewannabe

                  One caveat about the Frangipane lemon cake: it's not likely to feed a dozen people. We took one to a dinner party a few years ago, and everyone seemed a bit blasé about the look of it. But once they tasted it, they couldn't praise it enough. The six of us hoovered up every last crumb.

                3. Just a quick followup and thanks for the suggestions.
                  Unfortunately, a couple of attendees "couldn't have" Lemon anything, so I went for the old standby "Mom's Chocolate Cake" from Phipps. It was awesome as usual...

                  My Mom did surprise me with a Dufflet Lemon "Cakelet", which was quite good. Not sure if it is different than the larger Lemon layer cake they make...

                  Again thanks all for the input!.