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Dec 8, 2013 12:57 PM

Le Cirque Reviews... should I be worried??

Hi Fellow Chowhounds!

We are dining at Le Cirque in a couple of weeks doing the Degustation menu (it will be both me and my son)
I've been following all the reviews here and on Yelp (yes I know, don't judge) :)
I'm worried due to all the bad reviews recently on Yelp...

It is an very expensive meal for me since I'm paying for 2, which I don't mind at all being that we love fine dining and as long as the quality of the dishes and the food have not begin to decline.

will also have $50 Daily Resort Credit at Aria (3 days so $150)... thinking American Fish & Room Service

Another night, have reservations to Raku Saturday 8pm (my son can't wait) Japanese is one of our favorite cuisines. Just hope Sweets Raku is not packed afterwards since we weren't able to make reservations for SR

Will also like to fit in Fat Choy & the art of flavors...
many more but will have to come back to many places so little time (only 3 days) :)

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    1. re: ellenost

      Thanks ellenost!

      I emailed them about sub. the foie gras in their current degustation menu with the Foie terrine... but have not had a response yet... we'll see... :)

      1. re: yesilovestotravel

        That's so interesting since I would highly recommend keeping the sautéed foie gras prep (but I prefer a hot foie gras prep over a cold foie gras prep). In fact for my birthday this year I requested Per Se to make a hot foie gras prep instead of their usual cold foie gras prep--it was exquisite.

        1. re: ellenost

          I do perfer it cold, but nevertheless, I'm going with my son, who will be having the sauteed foie prep... so I'll get to try both (sneaky, right) LOL
          Gosh, I really really miss Foie in California...

          Any place in Vegas that I can buy it in a pate, terrine, etc to bring back to Calif.
          I've brought back some from Europe in little glass jars (i guess like the Bouchon Version) and those are great for little treats, or to stuff dried figs for Christmas, etc.

          1. re: yesilovestotravel

            Bouchon sells the jar, and like you I tend to prefer cold to hot foie. There is also artisanal foods:

            Regarding Yelp - don't trust the site for fine dining, period. :-



            1. re: uhockey

              uhockey, I had no idea they sold it! It's perfect! Thanks! Re: yelp, yeah I took the reviews with a grain of salt but wanted reassurance from my fellow chowhounders . I'll also check out artisanal foods.
              Can't wait going with my foodie 13 year old son! Who's a pro by now at fine dining and thankfully , he loves it. Also doing Raku and SR :)

              1. re: yesilovestotravel

                Good call, and definitely hit Fat Choy and AoF, or AT LEAST AoF.


                1. re: uhockey

                  Most Certainly! not sure how to fit all this ... as we also have $50 daily resort credit for aria... sadly it's not cumulative, but I'm sure I'll manage to do some damage to my room charges LOL.

                  Im planning on going to Fat Choy as soon as we get into town from L.A., as I'm certainly our room won't be ready that early.

                  Also AoF not sure when yet, im not an ice cream/gelato person, but I've had amazing ones in Berlin & Buenos Aires. Im very anxious to find out how the AoF measures up.

                  Lastly, very intrigued on Sage's Foie Gras Ice Cream (I had some here in L.A. @ Petrossian) and it was just out of this world! might go for late night dessert with my son (you know, just to use my Resort Credit) ;)

                  1. re: yesilovestotravel

                    I'm not nearly as enthusiastic about Fat Choy as uhockey, but it is great fun and wonderful for people-watching and the food is tasty. Since it in the same strip mall, I'd vote for lunch at Viva Las Arepas (much written about here) and then stroll over to Art of Flavors and enjoy some espresso and gelato and/or sorbet. And Desyree will encourage you to try as many Flavors as you'd like.

                    If you are killing time, waiting for your room, all three places will let you hang out, although I think AofF is the most pleasant, and if you are interested in some vino (or craft beer) for your room, you can cross the street and visit the White Cross Market, which looks like a 7-11 but the selections are well curated.

                    1. re: Dave Feldman

                      i thought fat choy was in a hotel?
                      am i thinking of someplace else?

                      1. re: macsak

                        It is in Eureka....more a gambling parlor than 'hotel.'


                        1. re: macsak

                          Just to be clear. The Eureka in Las Vegas is a casino only, and part of what makes Fat Choy cool and unusual is that it functions as the casino's coffee shop, as it's the only restaurant on premises. There is plenty of free parking in the back.

                          The Eureka is owned by the same people as the Eureka in Mesquite, which does have hotel rooms, as well. The Mesquite location features a buffet and, perhaps not a shocker, a restaurant featuring a Mesquite grill.

                2. re: uhockey

                  I'd extend that to don't trust Yelp for *any* dining, period. It may even be worse than TripAdvisor.

                  When it comes to restaurants, the only thing Yelp is good for is parking tips.

                  1. re: Ponder99

                    LOL good to know Ponder! I have heard rumors that some of the reviews show up or don't depending on a few factors $$...

                    1. re: Ponder99

                      I cross post to yelp. I cross post to here. I disagree with you entirely. The lack of reviews on this site for a multitude of off strip gems is telling.


                      1. re: uhockey

                        Hi uhockey :)
                        I have of course read many of your reviews, and trust your judgement and taste, as i find them very similar to mine.
                        All i know is that I look at both... and take the yelp ones with a grain of salt, especially the ones who are amazing reviews and have not really reviewed anything else... I trust my fellow chowhounds to always guide me in the right direction :) but yes, sometimes, if there's a lack of reviews, one must use other means.

                        1. re: yesilovestotravel

                          Completely agree. :-) Ivy-League level grade inflation for all of Spring Mountain Road on Yelp, but the 'n' is too small a sample size on CH to know what you're getting into; to read this site you'd think only Le Cirque, Sage, Robuchon, and a few others exist. "The vocal minority" as it were.


                          1. re: uhockey

                            Mike, thanks for all your reviews.

                            This board just doesn't get enough play as you mentioned, especially off-strip. Since I go to LV monthly, I have to rely on yelp, Eater LV and reviews from the online papers as well as CH.

                            I'm guilty too of not trip from a couple of weeks ago is overdue:)

                3. re: ellenost

                  The sautéed foie gras with sauternes, the one part of the tasting menu that you will remember...forever

            2. I've had perhaps 6-7 dinners at Le Cirque LV, most recently about 6 months ago. Every meal has been at least excellent, and most were stellar. Food, service and ambiance have always been first rate. Yes, LeC is expensive, but I consider it to be good value, and money well spent considering everything. I agree completely with ellenost, and cannot contemplate a visit to LV without planning one dinner at Le Cirque.

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              1. re: josephnl

                Amazing! thanks to all my fellow Chowhounds for putting my mind at ease...
                I'm glad to hear they are "the whole package" ... service and ambiance also plays a big role, at least for me.
                I want it all :) like all women, right :)LOL
                Will certainly come back and report.

                wont mind any recommendations from the menu... :)

                1. re: yesilovestotravel

                  Everything is delicious, but my favorites always include their foie gras and soufflé.

                    1. re: josephnl

                      Well, now I'm more excited than before! Can't wait!
                      I've been perusing their online menu... so far the panko crusted egg with Osetra Caviar is on the must try list (rich & decadent), someone will have to get the souffle for sure, and all the meat courses and fish ones sound amazing, so that will be a hard decision.
                      I only wish I could have a proper cheese course before dessert, I know they have either a sorbet palate cleanser or the camembert... just wish for a more exciting cheese arrangement.