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Dec 8, 2013 12:24 PM

30th Anniversary Dinner

Just booked a NOLA trip to celebrate our 30th Anniversary. Of course we are looking for a place to dine for the actual anniversary dinner. I am looking for a romantic spot, with good food. We aren't drinkers so wine lists arent important.

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  1. In my opinion, Commanders Palace would be perfect. Another option would be GW Fins. I think Commanders would be more romantic, but both have good food and nice ambience.

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    1. re: Plano Rose

      I've heard Commander's is best for brunch/lunch. The hotel mentioned a place named Feelings and another named Cafe Degas. Any knowledge of either of these?

      1. re: belferdad

        The reason Commanders is preferred for lunch is lower prices and 25 cent martinis. It's lovely at night and still reasonable for what you get.

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          Both would be fine for a 29th anniversary.

          Feelings is a neighborhood joint at heart. Lovely setting but the food's a little too voluminous and the service a little too casual to be really romantic. I recommend the place, just maybe not for a special occasion.

          Cafe Degas is a bit of a sleeper: the food's excellent (and they do an honestly good -- not just popular -- brunch) very French without being too snitty about it. I don't think of the place as romantic, being in a tent and all, and the tables are kind of wedged in. (The whole "tent" thing isn't that bad; I actually really like the atmosphere.)

          So both fine places, just not "very special occasion" places.

          CP's for dinner and MiLa are excellent options; I'd throw Bayona and Stella's front room into that mix too.

          1. re: montuori

            +1 with everything you said!

            I do think Feelings is romantic, but we like the casual side.

            As part of our annual anniversary weekend a week ago we included MiLa. The two 2-top booths at the far end are nice hideouts yet you can watch the restaurant.

      2. We had a really nice 24th anniversary diner at MiLa a few weeks ago. Nice dining room that isn't crowded or noisy with great food and service.

        1. I'll enthusiastically second Plano Rose's suggestion of GW Fin's -- amazing seafood, great service, and you can request a big comfy booth. Not too noisy, not too sedate. It's my favorite place for a special occasion.

          We had a terrible meal at Feelings a few months ago; I'd never go back, though the space is very pretty.

          1. Thanks for the help
            While I'm here - do any of you know about Luke's or GW Fin?

            When I was in town years ago I went to Petunia's but understand it closed, is there any place like it that exists now?

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              Food-wise and ambiance, I would probably say that Surrey’s is closest to Petunia’s, but it is outside the FQ and is always a long wait on the weekends. I personally don’t get GW Fins and I think Luke is my least favorite of the Besh restaurants. I think Restaurant August would be my choice for a very special anniversary dinner.

              1. re: belferdad

                I use Luke from time-to-time as a matter of convenience but it is far from my favorite place in town and I admit to a sense of irritation with it but that is solely my reaction. Some people complain of poor service but I always sit at the bar and can throw a beer stein to get attention. My menu is always oysters and/or charcuterie. The contrived presentations annoy me and the doff-off-the-hat to Kolb's overhead fan system just reminds me of what we have lost. The headcheese is perfectly decent although I maintain that, like boudin, we really do not have anything remarkable in the City. But I can block out these objections and have a perfectly decent meal in there. It will have to be around for 50 years before it earns a sense of "place" though.

              2. I don't consider Commanders or GW Fins to be particularly romantic. I would cast my vote for someplace more intimate, like Stella or Brigtsen's.