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Dec 8, 2013 12:11 PM

Churro-like treat?

This year, I think I would like to do breakfast burritos for Christmas breakfast! I am pretty excited, and I would like to add a cinnamon – sugary component to breakfast as well. I don't think I could make churros, because I am no good at frying, and it makes my tiny house smoky and terrible smelling for more than a day. I was thinking of making something reminiscent of a churro, perhaps using crescent dough or biscuit dough and bake, rolled in cinnamon and sugar. My in-laws won't know it's not authentic. So I am not above a recipe like that. I am about to start experimenting, but I still wanted to know if anybody had any ideas?

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  1. that should work....before you roll them (or twist them) you could spread some cinnamon and sugar on them.and maybe a very light amount of soft butter. Just use a really good grade of cinnamon

    1. Puff pastry might be good too! Or get a few from Costco restaurant and reheat.

      1. Puff pastry is better, not as dough-y as a biscuit dough.

        Slice in long strips, brush with butter and cinnamon-sugar, then twist like a corkscrew and bake

        1. An easy make at home churro muffin perhaps?

          and well dressed churro cupcake:

          the baked donut version req's a donut pan: