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Dec 8, 2013 11:27 AM

Red Fox Pub, Royal Oak/DTW Anybody been there yet?

Thinking about it for dinner... thoughts?

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  1. I've been there but after assessing the vibe I changed my mind about eating there. It is a lot like Woody's on 5th St, or Mr. B's. It might be good, but 90%+ chance it s*cks. Good luck.

    1. We've been before and like it for a casual dinner/pint. The chicken tikka masala (yes it's Indian but also traditional British pub food) is quite good. Not your usual version of the dish since the seasoning is more true to the British version vs. the Indian version. The naan could use some work though. I also remember enjoying a Brussels Sprouts dish. I haven't explored the menu much beyond that though.

      1. Good beer list. Last time I was there with a group I tried some apps and I think that VTB nails it with the comparison to Mr. B's. I think it's really more of a pub-styled drinking and hanging out spot.

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          Oh, that's the kiss of death for me. Mr. B's is just not doable.

        2. There's just so many other places I would go to for dinner. I ate there once or twice. I recall having a satisfactory Reuben there.

          1. pretty darn good poutine, decent beer selection. patio is nice. it's a place i'd go back to.