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Dec 8, 2013 10:42 AM

Dim sum in Bklyn Chinatown: Pacificana or East Harbor

Dim sum in Brooklyn Chinatown, Pacificana or East Harbor for variety and price?

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  1. East Harbor. Pacificana hasn't been good for over five years, IMO. Every time I've gone to Pacificana the dim sum has been either cold or luke warm and always very greasy. East Harbor seems to be on the ball about their dim sum, no matter what time of day or what day of the week.

    There's also Bamboo Garden (or whatever the name of the week is) on 6409 8th Ave. Their dim sum is on the mild side, but tasty. Maybe New Spring Garden at 912 65th, too, if East has a long wait. But East Harbor overall.

    1. I second the vote for East Harbor.

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      1. re: famdoc

        I'll cast a vote for the "Good Day" on 18th Avenue and 62nd Street (former World Tong).

        A wild and crazy crowd packing tight quarters every time I've attempted a visit. Variety matches or exceeds most places.

        1. re: Mike R.

          l'm glad l'm not the only fan! l think their dim sum is terrific.

          Prices are wonderfully low.

        2. re: famdoc

          Having checked out Good Day based on the recommendations in this thread, my preference is for East Harbor. While Good Day was good, it is not anywhere near the quality and variety that was present during the glory days of World Tong. And while everything was fine, nothing stood out. Plus, because the of the cramped space, there's little variety, and the same carts loop round and round the restaurant without varying their dishes. I did find that if you ask for a particular dish, they may or may not have it in the steam cabinets near the front door, but then the dish is not particularly fresh. As howdini points out, the prices are surprisingly low, but if price is not the deciding factor for you, and you're eating in the area, I'd stick with East Harbor.

          1. re: Greg

            Good Day is so convenient to where I live; when I go to Sunset Park, I always do styles other than dim sum. All these raves about East Harbor have swayed me, tho.

            What dishes would you recommend most highly?

            1. re: howdini

              East Harbor presents a veritable encyclopedia of dim sum.
              Be sure to try their clams. There are no bad choices there, however.

                1. re: howdini

                  The fresh tofu is good, too. Like famdoc said, there are no bad choices.