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Dec 8, 2013 08:31 AM

East Brunswick - Casa Nova 68 --> Miso Ya

Noticed that in East Brunswick, the closed Casa Nova 68 (formerly Perrone's) location has a new sign for a place called Miso Ya, a Sushi and Asian cuisine restaurant. I do not think it is open yet, but the permanent sign is up by the road. Not sure if they took the liquor license.

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  1. Noted that they have launched a website

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    1. re: jracpa

      I just had a treacherous drive home along that stretch. 15-20 mph with my hazards on the whole way.

      Something about that location puts me off from ever giving it a try, regardless of the type of restaurant. It's like going to somebody's house.

    2. We were very excited to see Miso Ya's menu and decided to make a trial take out order from this new restaurant since it is in our neighborhood. When I called and asked what was the difference between the Coconut and Tom Yum soups, the girl who answered the phone said, "I don't know." After a few moments of silence, I asked her if she could ask someone to find out. She placed me on hold, returned and replied that the coconut soup was cloudy and the other was not. I ordered the cloudy soup and some spring rolls.
      Although the soup was listed as having "bell pepper, mushroom, scallions and cilantro" the product I received looked and tasted to be bits of chicken floating around some coconut milk. Boring and disappointing. The spring rolls were sitting in a pool of grease. Sadly, I would have to hear some pretty great things to order here again and frankly, I worry about their sushi. Oh well.