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Sep 23, 2005 03:56 PM

Need help finding food between DFW and San Angelo, Brownwood, and Wichita Falls

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I have been asked to come to those three towns to give talks, but I know little about food in those places. For San Angelo, which is the best BBQ; Jim's, Old Time Pit, or Packsaddle? And which is best for steaks; Twin Mountain, Western Skies, or Zentner's Daughter?

I know NOTHING about food between DFW and Brownwood or Wichita Falls, so any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. In the San Angelo area is a place called Lowake Steak House. It is actually not in anything you would recognize as a town. It is east of San Angelo off 67. I definitely suggest you mapquest it! The reviews I included tell the story pretty well. I'm never within 50 miles that I don't go by for my all time favorite filet mignon (with garlic). Also try the onion rings. Not on anyone's fancy restaurant list but the food is definitely West Texas great.

    My favorite place in Brownwood is Underwood's. It is on the highway 67 in the west part of town. It is a place you either love or hate! They have 2 specialties, chicken fried chicken (good, but not my favorite)and barbecue. Now this is NOT what I would call Texas barbecue at all! It is beef steak drenched in sauce and steam cooked. It is more like a very overdone potroast in sauce. There is a cafeteria line for all of the side dishes, most are about average roadfood. One price for everything so fill'er up. Don't fail to get the cobbler (peach, cherry, or apple) as it is quite good. The hot rolls are tasty too. Don't be surprised to find a line out the door during football and hunting season.


    1. I would recomend Zentners Daughters for Steak. Meior Que Nada for mexican in San Angelo. Lowake has changed ownership and I was told by a close friend that it is not the same ole place....take that any way you want. You will also notice that the reviews that are posted on the previous respondents post are 2003.

      In Brownwood Underwoods is the place to eat!! They have Pressure cooked Beef, and Ribs as well as sausage chicken and it is their own style of BBQ. I will go out on a limb and say that you don't want to miss Underwoods!!! Gomez Restraunt for Mexican.....but only Mexican. They have some fried tomato's that are good!! The Chicken Fry is...well don't go there!!! The Section Hand Steakhouse is also a good choice for multiple choices. Katy's Steak House in Blanket is very Good!!! If your going down I20 from Dallas to Abilene then Mary's in Strawn Texas is hard to beat!!! Joe Allens in Abilene for BBQ!
      Good Luck and happy eating!!

      1. The very best place to eat in central Texas is in downtown Brownwood. It's called the Turtle Restaurant because they serve slow fresh food. Their motto is the slow shall inherit the earth. The architect did a wonderful job restoring the 1920s building decorating the interior sparsely but with a calm feeling. They used large prints of international stamps depecting turtles on the walls.

        If you are totally sick of fried anything this is the place to go. Thier CIA trained chef, Garry Botbyl, makes everything fresh. There is even an herb garden behind the restaurant and they buy a lot of their produce and meat locally. Best of all is his wife, super waitress and good old Lousiana girl, Kim. She'll bring a smile to your face with her good humor.

        The menu changes every day but there is always fish, chicken, beef, and a vegetarian dish or two plus homemade icecream and sorbets. You bring your own wine and beer. They have the glasses. There is no corking charge.

        The Turtle is open for lunch and dinner Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm with little half hour break at 4:30. Friday and Saturday they are open until 10:00pm

        My most favorite meal though is Sunday brunch 10:30am-2:00. They make the best Eggs Benedict I have ever had anywhere, Dalls, New York, Austin, Chicago included. I think it's because they use fresh local eggs and Garry handmakes the sauce. I have driven across Texas to eat them.

        Reservations are recommended. The phone is 325-646-8200. The adress is 514 Center Avenue right across the street from City Hall. Downtown can be a little hard to find. You might have to ask around. It's worth the trip from anywhere. You will not believe your mouth. Prices are around $10.00 per person for lunch and $23.00 per person for dinner. They are expanding to accomodate parties with patio seating and a gelateria expresso bar.

        1. If you happen to pass through Abilene - you must have a ribeye at Joe Allen's. This little ol' beer joint serves up one of the best ribeye steaks I have ever eaten regardless of price and it is not even expensive. Iced-down longnecks in a tub to go along or sweet tea if you prefer. Great place to eat!

          1. Ok, let's works some opinions out!! I am from Brownwood and can assure you that Underwood's is NOT a good restaurant. REAL BBQ isn't pressure cooked and doesn't have so much sauce on it that you can't even find the beef. Pathetic. It's really not good BBQ at all. On the other hand, the Mama's Underwoods Fried Chicken is delicious!

            Prima Pasta has the best steak in all of Brownwood. Very strange since they are an Italian restaurant. All of their food is wonderful, but their Steak Agrilia is the tenderest and most juicy steak in all of Brown County.

            Emilio's Mexican Restaurant on Austin Avenue has THE BEST fajitas, THE BEST queso, and THE BEST crispy beef tacos. YUM! We go there at least once a week. Service is out of this world and the food is amazing!

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              Underwoods is horrible. Prima Pasta takes forever to get food, not good service. Have not been to Turtle, but other than that, it is a bad bad food town.

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                You should try The Turtle. It went a little down for awhile. They had a chef who couldn't get the food out but they have a new chef now. They also changed their hours. Lunch Tuesdays-Saturdays. Dinner only on Friday and Saturday night :( and no more Sunday brunch :(....... but now they have opened a wine bar so I guess that makes up for it. They have a totally different menu in the wine bar. I haven't tried it yet but I've heard that they have some interesting thin crust pizzas.

                1. re: wonderwoman2

                  I had dinner at Emilio's last night and while it wasn't bad, I wasn't impressed either. Decent meal, and at least it's a cut above your typical Tex-Mex joint.

                  Now, I can't thank y'all enough for recommending The Turtle. You guys have such a gem in this small town! I just got back from a meal at The Turtle Enoteca.

                  First surprise of the night was the beer selection. Yes, it's a bit limited compared to what I'm used to in the city, but seeing something besides BMC in a small town is a sight to behold. 100% craft beer selection, wow.

                  And to the food: I had their pepperoni pizza. I wasn't expecting such amazing consistency on their crust. Thin, but it held together and was fluffy on the inside. The crust made a nice crisp crunch when you bit into it. I capped things off with canteloupe gelato and I believe they said the fruit came from the Valley. It tasted just like a ripe canteloupe.

                  Ty was working the bar. The man is a walking encyclopedia on craft beer as well as growing his own ingredients, made for excellent conversation. I really enjoyed myself and I've got a good feeling I'll be hanging out at the Turtle during my remaining 2 nights in Brownwood. Sounds like the rest of the menu will be good.

              2. re: dschiff007

                I was really hoping to try the Turtle, but it looks like that'll be impossible considering their hours. Gonna spend 4 nights there (mon to thurs) and I'd like to get at least one decent meal that week, so are Prima Pasta and Emilio's open for dinner?

                Unfortunately I get the feeling my coworkers will toy with the idea of going to Underwood, and if we end up there, I'll be sure to stick to the fried chicken. Are there any other places I should avoid?

                Another note: I searched for Coleman and turned up empty search results. I'll be there as well, so I'd also appreciate any recommendations from that area.

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                  There is a pretty good steak house in coleman, can't remember name. It is just out of town going north, rustic looking. Hidalgo's mexican restaurant is also good.

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                      Is Underwood's the one with the big cowboy? We had terrible, terrible food there - a CFS that had been sitting on the steam table & garnered a comparison to Denny's in Fishkill, NY (yeah, not good). The bbq on the other plate was just as bad - what wasn't dried out was too greasy. Just not good. I paid for that little "No chains for lunch, let's go in!" for months.