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Where to get great Stollen in Toronto or North of the GTA

Sitting here with my Sunday morning coffee I have been hit with a sudden craving for stollen. I am struck by the thought that there must be some German bakeries that are making a product far superior to the cello wrapped options at the grocery store. Any suggestions?

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  1. Loblaws North York Centre has Dimpflmeier Bakery Stollen. 2 flavours. One in cello and one in box.
    Longos has Kuchen Meister Stollen. 2 flavours again. Both in cello. Product of Germany.
    I am wondering the same thing whether to get it from grocery store or from a bakery.

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      I think Dimpfelmier is located in Toronto. In Richmond Va it is available only at the commissary. My favorite.

    2. If you don't mind driving to Peterborough, Strickling's version is made with butter. Here's their website: http://www.sticklingsbakery.com/produ...

      And here are the retailers where it's sold: sticklingsbakery.com/where-to-buy/ontario/toronto-area/

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        I saw stickling stollen at Highland Farms Ellesmere/Kennedy.

      2. Dimp's has always done it for me:


        Go to their factory store off Kipling: hyper-freshness, good prices, and far better selection than supermarket stock.

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          Yes, +1 more for Dimpflmeier's. Was there a few days ago. They had lots of different types. (E.g. marzipan; rum; Advent...) Although if Scarborough is more convenient do try Montmartre. Their products are very good and also reasonably priced. But I haven't had their stollen, so can't vouch specifically for it.

        2. Montmartre Bakery apparently has stollen, though I haven't tried their version:


          1. Dumpfelmier (sp) is a bakery in Toronto. Best Stollen available IMO.

              1. Seems like Vancouver may be the place to be for great Stollen: http://www.followmefoodie.com/2011/12...

                1. Harbord Bakery makes it.

                  1. Is all butter stollen better than the ones made with palm oil?

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                        If you appreciate the flavour that butter gives to a baked item, then wholeheartedly yes. I have no doubt there are many who would not notice the difference. I know people who think that vegetable oil-based whipped toppings are whipped cream, which I don't understand at all, since I can generally tell just by looking at it, let alone tasting it.

                      2. Stonemill bakery at St. Lawrence market is selling fresh stollen. It is being touted as"full of lots of rum". I haven't tried but it looks freshly baked and they do use real ..butter, sugar, eggs etc

                        1. The Cliffside Hearth at Kingston and McCowan is showing they are baking stollen on their sign.

                          1. I think I may have foudn the answer to my own quesiton. We picked up two different Dimpflemiers versions at the factory store, and then happened upon Stubbes Chocolates and Bakery on Dupont near Christie. They don't make the Stolen there - they come from the store owner's father in Ottawa (where they also have a store apparently). The Stubbes stolen was great. Better texture, nicer marzipan and much fresher, more distinct flavours from the fruit. Too late for anyone else this year though, I got 2 of the last 5, several days ago, and I am sure the rest are long gone.

                            For next year, apparently, the key is to preorder them in November.

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                              I noticed that Vienna Fine Foods on Birchmount north of Eglinton still had a healthy amount of Stollen this morning. Open only until 3pm today.