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Dec 8, 2013 03:20 AM

St Louis rye bread for party dips

St Louis folks: you know those soft round rye loaves you can find at grocery stores this time of year that you hollow out and put dip in at parties? I'd like to find a recipe for it, since it's not available down here in Arkansas. Any suggestions? Is there a specific name for it?

It's not the hard-crusted or cornmeal-dusted round rye but the one with an almost cloth-like outer shell. (I'm actually not a fan of the crust so much, so any rye bread recipe with that spongy airy inner texture would do fine.)

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  1. After posting this I realized I should be searching for rye bread bowl, not just round rye bread. This has the right idea:

    but no recipe. This has a recipe

    but no picture of the finished product. But apparently it's a pumpernickel bread bowl recipe I'm looking for?