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Dec 8, 2013 01:19 AM

Jay Bharat Bay Area – Gujarati in Fremont

Thanks to this tip from “hhc”, I checked out Jay Bharat in Fremont two weeks ago. It’s a new branch of the Southern California Gujarati specialist, taking over Woodlands location.

The menu’s up on the website now,

I was on my way to a going-away dinner for a friend moving to Mumbai and picked up a few snacks. My $24.40 didn’t go that far. That said, the quality was high and made a good impression.

Patra, $4.99 – Meaty-textured spicy gram paste rolled up in taro leaves, steamed and sliced into spiral slabs. The green mint chutney was deliciously HOT and the red tamarind one had a refreshing tang.

Samosa sampler, $4.99 – Small triangles similar in style to the ones that the closed Sultan in SF used to make with a very thin phyllo-like wrapper. A sampler has four samosas, each with a different filling. I had a bite of the Italian samosa and enjoyed this cross-cuisine version filling with spinach, artichoke and cheese. Accompanied by the same chutneys.

Shrikhand, $2.49 – The tiny cup held less than 2 ounces by volume. This was too small to attempt to share. More sugary and denser/richer than Deedee’s version.

Rajwadi Chevdo, $8.00 – Looking at the bags of farsan on display, this was the reddest in hue. I asked the staff member how spicy it might be and he said it was only a little hot. Some of the guests found it too hot to eat, and I flamed out after the second handful.

Last item was a mango lassi for the road, $2.99. Not that flavorful, wouldn’t get this again.

Jay Bharat Bay Area
39203 Cedar Blvd
Newark, CA 94560

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  1. We went to Jay Bharat a few weeks back. We had the Gujarati Thali and the Rotla Shak.
    Found the Breads to be quite good and very fresh but the Curries and Sides to be uniformly lack luster. Neither of us felt the need to return. Granted I am not very knowledgeable about Gujarati Cuisine so it may be exactly what it is supposed to be.
    I did have a Gujarati Thaili while in Mumbai that I liked very much, full flavored Curries, rich Kichadi and super rich and sweet Desserts.

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      Sorry to hear that. I want to try more of the snacks especially the kachori.

      1. re: chefj

        if you do go back to mumbai, there are a couple of amazing gujarati/rajasthani place including: chetana, rajdhani, and a few others whose name escapes me right now

      2. I stopped by Jay Bharat in Newark I'm not really familiar with Gujarati food, so I don't have a strong basis for judgement, but it seemed like good, not great, home-style food. The Kathiyawadi thali came with 2 bajra (pearl millet) rotlas, 2 veg curries, kathod, 2 appetizers, masala khichdi (spiced rice), kadhi, jeera chaas, dessert, jaggery, garlic chutney, and papad. My favorites were the kadhi, jeera chaas, and the khaman that came as one of the appetizers (patra was the other). The khaman (a cube of leavened, steamed chickpea batter) was very light and fluffy, lightly sweet, and very lightly spiced, topped with mustard seeds. The kadhi, a yogurt based gravy, was lighter in texture and more sour than other versions I've had (or made) and had a really nice seasoning. The two vegetable curries were tindora, which was relatively simple in spicing, though the tindora retained a nice texture, and a mixed vegetable with potatoes that had a bit more of a gravy, but a mushy texture that wasn't my favorite. I particularly liked the garlic chutney. And the millet rotla weren't my favorite, but I suspected that would be the case, as I'm not really a fan of the heavier flatbreads you get if there aren't air pockets trapped by gluten. The dessert was shrikhand, which I tried a small spoonful of at the restaurant to make sure it was a dessert and not some yogurt to go with the curries. It was served chilled and seemed intriguing and pleasing. I was completely full after the thali and took it home with me and ate it later, at a warmer temperature and it was overwhelmingly sweet to me (though I am, admittedly, not a sweet lover). The texture was nice and thick and smooth, and it had some cardammom flavor, but I don't think it had any saffron. A better option would be to eat it with poori, one of the menu combos.
        They have some oddities on their menu, like Mexican and Italian samosas and a "quesadilla" section. I saw some orders of the fusion foods going out--a mexican samosa and masala fries were ordered by two separate parties in the time I was there.

        1. Next time, do try the Dabeli..