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Dec 7, 2013 07:59 PM

Best barbecue in Broward?

We'll be in Broward for a week starting Thursday. We've been to Tom Jenkins which I would call "very good"- but not great. Is there anything better out there?
Ribs , brisket and pulled pork is our focus with a "great" dry rub a nice bonus.
Travel anywhere in the county is no problem and price isn't an issue since this is a once every 5 years or so treat.

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  1. unfortunatly if you are in broward you have to go north alot to get to the south

    1. Try Renegade BBQ in the Hard Rock .

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      1. re: grdns

        Renegade BBQ at the Hard Rock closed around a year ago. It was my pre-concert go-to place there.

      2. Red Cow on the bend of Sunrise and US1.

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        1. re: mrmagee

          I've been hearing about Red Cow...have yet to go. I do like the owners other restaurants very about a few details?

          1. re: LiveRock

            They have very good barbecue for down here and great sides, as well. They also have a terrific Sunday brunch.

            1. re: gblcsw

              Very interesting...Thanks! We've been wanting to give it a try.

        2. Georgia Pig was always my favorite since I was a kid. I don't eat BBQ out much, I prefer to just do it myself, so I haven't been there in awhile. I've heard Hickory Sticks BBQ is pretty good as well.

          1. First visit to Blue Willy's was very impressive. Best bbq style brisket I've had. Pulled pork sandwich was great too. On Fed highway in Pompano