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Dec 7, 2013 07:30 PM

Cheesesteak at PHL?

I've got a layover at the airport tomorrow night. Is there any decent cheesesteak in Terminal C? Alternately, any other eats you would recommend in Terminal C?

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  1. Chickie's and Pete's is probably your only option. Not anything special, but, hey, you're in an airport. Get the crab fries and a beer and be happy you didn't fly through Harrisburg.

    1. Terminal C and Terminal B are connected. There is a food court in the middle.

      Chickie and Petes, or Philly Cheese Steak and Gyro both serve steaks. Good is relative but you will get something to eat.

      1. I have found Chickie and Pete rolls to taste like Wonderbread. Probably better off at Cheese Steak and Gyro.

        1. In other words, no decent cheeseteaks. The best places to eat, both in that area between B&C are Legal Seafood and Vino Volo. Both quite good as far as overall food, though no cheesesteaks.

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            Agreed. Chickies and Pete's makes a sloppy wet steak with a not great roll.