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Dec 7, 2013 04:51 PM

I like/love this restaurant EXCEPT for....

I don't mean the places you would never return to. I mean the place(s) you DO return to, but every time you do, you wish they would change ONE thing.
Mine is Café Crepe on the Santa Monica Promenade. They make great crepes, their service is always friendly, and my husband and I go there every Wednesday before hitting the Farmer's Market.....
....BUT I sure wish they'd change the inside décor!! Between the extremely dark interior, and the posters by Villamot and of the scantily clad females are really annoying. If it's cold and we sit indoors, I try to sit so that I look out the window.
Oh...okay...and I wish they'd make a hot apple crepe; not applesauce, but chunks of apple with cinnamon.
But we love their spinach, egg, and feta crepe. And the people are wonderful.

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  1. Paper on the luncheon tables!

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      1. re: globocity

        Oh, loud music will make me cross anything off my list. It's usually something I hate, in addition to loud.

      2. Ok, so the place I went to tonight has some great dishes, but their bar is marble. Marble looks great but is COLD to lean on - fine in the summer, not so pleasant when it is below freezing outside. This is a problem with a lot of places - bars made of materials that suck the heat out of you when you touch them.

        Another favorite place has a padded bumper thing on the edge of the bar, which extends above it slightly as well. Plus, the stools & bar height were clearly sized to a taller person than I, so I find sitting and eating at the bar awkward and slightly uncomfortable.

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        1. re: babette feasts

          Our neighborhood bar also has a bumper thing on the edge. It's not even padded just raised wood which makes eating and sitting there somewhat uncomfortable.

        2. Anywhere that I'm either too cold or too hot in. Oh, and I'll also add bad bathrooms.

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          1. Acuario Restaurant in Port Chester NY has excellent Peruvian food,
            but the music is just way way way too loud.