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Dec 7, 2013 04:19 PM

Do any places serve squirrel?

I had lunch with my cousin and her husband this afternoon. Her husband told me that, on a trip down south, he saw a foodie magazine that offered various squirrel recipes and otherwise celebrated squirrel as a legitimate food ingredient. We talked about how some restaurants serve rabbit, and questioned whether there's really a huge difference between the two. (Not that the board of health would necessarily see it that way, of course.)

In any case, he more or less challenged me to find a place in New York that serves squirrel. I searched this board and the Outer Boroughs board but couldn't find anything current. Does anyone know of any place that serves it?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I doubt you will find a restaurant in NYC that serves squirrel. There probably are not many down south that serve them either. Wild caught game cannot be served in restaurants in New York. That's true in many places. While rabbits are farmed I have never heard of a squirrel farm. I grew up down south and recall going squirrel hunting once. I wouldn't say it makes a great meal. Sure if you're living in the mountains and have no other source of protein you will hunt and eat anything. But if you had other options, I think you would choose something else.

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        In younger years, I ate squirrel and rabbit stew in Mass. , and later in Texas, pan fried squirrel. Enough of both.

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          there is something very funny about the idea of a squirrel farm

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            My neighborhood (north of Seattle) was originally platted as mink, chinchilla and chicken farms. That was transition from logged forest to suburbia.

        2. I don't think you'll find this in a restaurant anywhere, only in the home kitchens of people who hunt. A shame, since it's a very tasty meat.

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              Chicken, of course, just like rattlesnake does.

          1. I have no idea if there are restaurants in NYC serving squirrel so can't help you with that. However, I grew up out in the sticks of Virginia and have eaten my share of squirrel. I'm dying of laughter that squirrel is in a foodie magazine or that urban restaurants might actually serve it. Squirrel ain't exactly haute cuisine. We ate it (and other game) because it was free and plentiful. I suspect you're probably going to have to hunt your own or make friends with someone who does. Good luck!

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              Everything becomes a foodie obssession at some point. I grew up with polenta, tripe, and myriad other Italian food items from the "cucina povera" category that foodies now pay dearly for at haute cuisine restaurants. My sainted Italian-American mother is probably looking down from heaven and laughing at all of us.

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                Down in Louisiana, Chef Paul Prudhomme was serving Nutria at K-Paul's restaurant. When I was in the Bayou, I saw live nutria, they look like giant ( 40 lb) rats). People protested KPauls and they took it off the menu. But I'm sure it hit some foodie article, 'gourmet giant rats",,, squirrels are also rat-like.

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                  People have promoted the consumption of other invasive species as an ecologically friendly act.

                  The Wiki article cites a Louisiana maker of dog treats

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                    Very true for the voracious lion fish and it's expanded habitat. It's the salt water equivalent to Asian carp, but better tasting.