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Dec 7, 2013 03:50 PM

Late night options in the San Fernando Valley

The only threads on the subject I found are fairly old, so I was hoping to come up with an updated list of places that serve late in the valley (past 10 pm on weekends).

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  1. Casa Vega, a Mexican restaurant in Sherman Oaks, is open very late--I think until 1 or 2 am.

    1. A place called On the Thirty, on Ventura Boulevard just west of Cedros Avenue, is open at least till midnight on weekends -- may be as late as 2 AM.

      Pineapple Hill is sort of a British pub-type place on Van Nuys Boulevard a little north of Ventura that serves food till midnight and drinks until 2 AM. It's in the strip mall behind the In'n'Out Burger.

      Speaking of British Pubs, the Robin Hood is a little further north, I think it's at Woodman or Fulton and Burbank Boulevard, and they are also open late.

      And of course there's always Jerry's, but that seems to be a dirty word on Chowhound.

      Oh, and Mel's Diner at Kester and Ventura.

      1. Sanamluang Café; Great Thai food. Open 24/7 and parking can be a problem even at 3am.

        1. Two places that come to mind are Fat Burger @ Ventura/Beverly Glen and Twains @ Ventura/Coldwater canyon. Fat burger has some of the best burgers in the valley open to 3am I believe, Twains is an old style diner, fair food open all night. There is also Norm's, do not recall exactly where it's at, cheap food, average quality they use to be open all night.

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            There's a tie for 'best burger' between Fatburger and Boulevard Burger, I can't get enough of either one.

          2. Hanabishi ( Ramen/Japanese dishes) stays open until 1am.
            Located on Sherman in Van Nuys