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Dec 7, 2013 03:38 PM

Wa's Japanese Restaurant - Closed?

Drove to Wa's for lunch today, and saw a sign posted on the door that said to the effect "Thank you for your years of patronage. Sorry, but we have to close our doors". It's sad news as Wa's was one of the better Japanese restaurants in town.

Has anyone heard if they are, indeed, permanently closed? If so, any news on why?

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  1. Apologies for not indicating that Wa's is in Calgary.

    1. I'm deeply saddened by the news as Wa's has been my go to Japanese Restaurant for years. I have no info to offer on the closing but I will say that I'm not totally surprised. I think one of the owners has been sick for quite a long time. That led to them having staffing problems and hence, the reduced hours/days of operation, etc. in the recent year and some. If they are closed forever, I definitely will miss their chirashi, tempura, and udon noodle soup! They were one of the few really authentic Japanese restaurants in Calgary.

      1. That sounds pretty definitive. I never got to try it :(

        1. Sorry to have to say the reason Wa's closed is because the owner passed away recently. It was one of the best Japanese place to eat.

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            Sad news. I've always loved visiting Wa's when I'm in Calgary.

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              Can I ask which owner was sick? I know the one that rode his unicycle at work, the one that was a little bigger, the skinnier one I did not know him as we'll.