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Dec 7, 2013 12:57 PM

A Treat in Midtown Bombay Sandwich Co 48 w. 27 st

After earlier appearances at Smorgasburg Brooklyn and other events they have a small home in the perfume/cheap stuff store district below Time Square. I had selection platter with the three bowl offerings and a salad with an added side of yogurt, 1)Lentils cooked with cumin asafetida and ginger 2)Chana Masala chickpeas with amla and black cumin 3) Veggie Mashup potato mixture and 4) salad of cucumber tomato and onion. Good brown rice was the starch under it all. The dishes were set off by the greatly flavorful hot sauce, garlic and apple pickle, and kale walnut pesto (Company is made up of friendly youngish folk) so all and all I got a fully organized riot of tastes and while I was under the spell never once thought of porterhouse, ramen, or chicken thighs. Sadly not a dosa in sight.
All and all a great intro to thirty TicTacs.

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