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Sep 20, 2005 11:59 AM

Best places for music AND food in Austin

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I'm looking for the music venues that serve the best food, and the best days/times to go to each... (Plus, are there any places that have live music with a great breakfast??)

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  1. Are you kidding?? That would mean that MUSICIANS would have to get up early...c'mon now!! :o)
    Some places with good food & music:
    Zax Pints & Plates
    Threadgill's (N & S)
    Eddie V's
    Shady Grove
    ACL Fest

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      Seamus Mitwurst

      On previewing this message, I realize that I need to eat something soon. I am not, however, going to edit any of the bitchy, snarky remarks. So grab some salt.

      Maria's Taco Xpress has music on weekend morning.
      The music sucks in my opinion, but then, all Blues sucks in my opinion. One of the few forms of music that makes me want to hurt people (usually the people who are aurally assaulting me). Some people like it, though. The hippies sure do. Go there to get your dose of patchouli funk for the week. Sometimes they have to water down the courtyard to keep the dust down when people start twirling and dancing like trout that have been forcefully removed from their lovely, mountain stream. It's all very South Austin. I usually avoid it on weekend mornings except to do take-out.
      Everyone, including my wife, loves the migas. I could care less about them. I love the gorditas.

      ACL - Sneak a sandwich in. You'll need to save your fortune for overpriced beer and the overpriced food you will need to eat to save yourself from alcohol poisoning. I should repeat my hippy warning.

      Other places that serve food and have musicians bothering me but rarely at breakfast:
      Jovita's on South 1st

      The Parlor on North Loop (Or so it used to be when I spent more time there. They used to have the best jukebox in town. Lotsa obnoxious punk music, cheap brew and some fine pizza.)

      Ararat (When Rajamani plays there. Usually wednesdays. I love the sizzling lamb. Prepare for a site you would expect to be condemned.)

      El Sol Y La Luna (also best when Rajamani plays. Food is, at best, palatable. Their sangria is better than the food, also not great, but it makes everything better after a pitcher or two.)

      Artz Rib House - I love their meatloaf. Their spareribs are pretty good. Their music is usually countryfried crap, but many people go there just for it.

      Broken Spoke - Can't get anymore Countryfried than this. Some people love their Fried Steak (I hate the term Chicken Fried, especially when morons in this state make Chicken Fried Chicken. Woo Hoo, our educational system is better than Louisiana's! ...barely.)

      Clay Pit - sometimes has music during happy hour. Food is hardly worth it, though the Peshawari Naan is great.

      D&L's Texas Music Cafe - never seen music there. Food is typical fare. I have a friend who loves their poboys (esp. oyster?) but I think the bread is crap.

      Ruta Maya - coffee shop, but when I was getting my buzz in there yesterday the food smelled amazing. And I had already eaten my fill at Borrego de Oro, so that's saying something. They have a stage. I don't know if food and music ever overlap there.

      Green Mesquite- Why?

      Opal Divine's - outside patio and stage. the beer selection is good. The food was unmemorable (is that a word?)

      Austin Java - food is decent. music - who knows?

    2. Try "Beck's on Congress" it's on S. Congress next to the contenental club. Fantastic food, wine and music.