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Dec 7, 2013 12:23 PM

All things eggnog

Although I usually find the actual drink too sweet, I love eggnog flavored things - it's the rum and nutmeg I guess. I've already had a eggnog cupcake from Prairie Girl, although I don't think they're doing them again until the Xmas week. The eggnog cheesecake with shortbread cookies and rum raisins at Hawthorne was perfect. Any other suggestions for your favourite eggnog, eggnog lattes, etc? Less sweet versions in particular.

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  1. In some Superstore, they are carrying a Trader Joe egg nog white chocolate covered almond in the bulk section. The blend of nutmeg, white chocolate, and almond is pretty tasty. I've only see this in Superstore.

    Also, Hammond Egg Nog gourmet candy cane is one of my sugary indulgences. I haven't seen it this year but I've found the large canes at bulk barn last year.

    1. I noticed today that Longos carries a candy cane flavored egg nog. I was at the Woodbine/7 store.

      1. I just ran a tester of making "egg nog" horchata, it was a hit!!!

        1. I make a couple batches using an ancient Tom and Jerry recipe served cool or hot if the weather sucks. Never any leftovers. Homemade, whatever the recipe, rules.

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            I used too make egg nog, but since mini firefly came around I can't stand dairy. It blows.

            1. re: Kagemusha

              I made it as a kid with raw eggs and all... I don't think I can do it now, my hangup I guess.

            2. eggnog cheesecake bars

              You can find Keebler, Land o'lakes, and Martha Stewart versions online.

              I like to make them in muffin cups and top with a small "splop" of chunky cranberry sauce.