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Dec 7, 2013 12:07 PM

Best Late Night Japanese

The wife and I love Japanese food, sushi yes but also ramen, soba, and yakitori, but she doesn't eat meat or poultry (except duck, don't ask). What are our best options without breaking the bank? We love 15 East but that's more than I want to spend on a regular basis. Extra points for being in the East Village or walkable from there, and open late.

We also like Soba Koh but need another option, preferably something serving after 11 PM.


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  1. Blue Ribbon Sushi & Izakaya on the LES is open late. It may be more of a "scene" then you're looking for but their food is quite good. I especially like their scallop skewers.

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    1. re: kathryn

      Thanks Kathryn for the response.

      We've eaten a couple of times at Blue Ribbon in Park Slope (where we live now) -- I love their oxtail and bone marrow fried rice, but my wife was very unimpressed with the sushi. And since I can walk there easily, I guess I'd be looking for something different when we're in Manhattan.

      That said, how good is their sushi in your opinion?

      1. re: holdtheline

        It is an entirely different menu and concept than the PS Blue Ribbon, or the original Brasserie for that matter.

        It's an izakaya after all. Take a look.

        1. re: thegforceny

          Yes I understand the concept and looked at the website and menu. However, call me skeptical since we have tried another of their establishments and my wife did not like their sushi.

          Have you had the sushi at the Izakaya recently? If so, do you recommend it? How do their skewers compare to the better yakitori establishments?

          Thanks :)

          1. re: holdtheline

            The sushi is good at the izakaya - certainly when sitting at the bar.

            Yoppari (on the LES) is open till midnight every night except Sunday.

            1. re: holdtheline

              Hard to say...It's not really an apples to apples comparison with yakitori joints.

              1. re: holdtheline

                I thought the sushi at the table, while way better than at the Blue Ribbon Sushi at Soho, was fine but not all that much to write home about. (Then again, *most* sushi eaten at a table isn't that much to write home about...)

                On the other hand, I loved many of the cooked dishes, including several of the skewers that people keep mentioning. It's now one of my go-to recommendations for someone looking for general, unintimidating Japanese. I wrote about one visit at excruciating length here:

            2. re: holdtheline

              I was at BR Izakaya last week. Used to go to the BR Sushi in PS when it was open pretty often. Had the sushi at the BT Brasserie once after Sushi closed. I won't make that mistake again. BR Izakaya in the LES is totally different. I highly recommend it.

            3. re: kathryn

              I second the scallop skewers at BR Izakaya. Also, I think their omakase ( at the sushi bar ONLY) is one of the best in the city. The only negative is they do not use fresh ground wasabi. The fish is top quality. The 2 head sushi chefs are as good as the best of them. One is from Nobu, the other from Hatsuhana.
              The cooked food is good, but the Executive Chef left, I believe to open BR in London.
              Other late night, Ushiwakamaru serves ramen late, starting I think after 11 or midnite. It may be only Sunday, i'm sure someone here at CH knows.
              Yokocho in EV is my late night go-to spot. The dried grilled striped bass is amazing, the skewers are great. Many other dishes, there is a noodle dish that makes the bonito flakes on top shrivel and look like live worms. It's very cool to watch.
              Yopparai: great service, great stew

              1. re: foodwhisperer

                I really liked Yopparai when i sat at the bar. i sat at a table and was disappointed. Loved the chiranmushi (sp?) and the whole method of presentation of everything. Very curious to try Sake Bar Hagi. There aren't too many of these places in midtown.

                Also, in the village, I recommend Rockmeisha. Same type of food. I think they are open until 12:30.

            4. Wasan (108 E. 4th) is open 'til 1am on weekend nights, and they serve a special "late night ramen" starting at 11pm.


              Here's a thread about it:


              1. Not in EV but if you ever get the late-nite munchies in Midtown head to Sake Bar Hagi.

                Open till 3 am., and later if you ask nicely. Heck buy a round for everyone and you can stay for breakfast.

                1. Yopparai on Rivington Street. Excellent service, excellent food, open late. Good selection of fish and non-fish items on the menu.

                  1. Not in EV, but sushi seki is open til 3am