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Dec 7, 2013 11:20 AM

Sushi takeout tray in north NJ

any recommendations on where to get a sushi tray to go in north nj? Mainly, or all rolls. Has anyone tried shoprite?

I see on the shoprite website some of the options are:
Roll Combo Platter #1 (48 pcs)
This Combo Platter contains: 1 California Roll, 1 Tuna Roll, 1 Salmon Roll, 1 Yellowtail Roll, 1 Eel Roll, 1 Spicy Tuna Roll
(Serves 6-8) for $26.15

Roll Combo Platter #2 (66 pcs)
This Combo Platter contains: 1 Callifornia Roll, 1 Salmon Roll, 1 Tuna Roll, 1 Philadelphia Roll, 1 Crab Roll, 1 Veg. California Roll, 1 "Amy" Roll, 1 Rainbow Roll. $37.50

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  1. ShopRite...are you kidding?

    What town do you live in? Go to an Hmart or Mitsuwa.

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      1. re: njstout

        Not necessarily. Hmart will be priced easier on the wallet than Mitsuwa, but it's all relative to quality. The food stalls in HMart are independently owned and they are getting fish from the proper outlets. Sushi at SR is merely a convenience. The rice is not proper and you get what you pay for, which is very thinly sliced fish and more rice. There are Hmarts in Englewood, Little Ferry and Ridgefield Park with Sushi Stalls. Have a look before you decide....I'm sure you will see the difference.

        Costco sells non fish's terrible. Many of the items the Sushi stand at SR sells is repackaged...e.g. dumplings. I don't think the quality could even compare when it comes to the actual fish.

        The prices you have referenced are for rolls with very little actual fish....and at about a $4.50 average (14 rolls). Let's say the rolls are a dollar more, or an average of $6. that's another $21....made fresh and worth the extra dollars for me....however, you may find the cost is not as high or possibly 10-15 higher. Rolls are usually less than $5

        1. re: fourunder

          at my shoprite they have a Asian person working at the sushi stand making rolls all day

          1. re: njstout

            I'm Asian....Chinese specifically. They have Sushi at Chinese Restaurants and Chinese AYCE Restaurants. I would not eat the Sushi at either. They have Sushi at many Korean Restaurants. I probably would not eat the Sushi there either, although the best Sushi grade fish comes from a Korean Company . Many Japanese Restaurants employ Sushi Chefs from all different ethnic persuasions. I would not eat in all Japanese restaurants.... only the ones I like.

            The point I'm trying to make is you have options....some are better than others. just because a place makes it....doesn't mean it's actually any good.

    1. What town do you live in? I wouldn't go to a "supermarket". I would go to a high-quality sushi place. Tell us where you live and you'll get plenty of recommendations.

      I've brought in plenty of trays for different events/functions...and I've used Masago (in Ridgewood) -- and they are excellent! Even for just simple rolls -- high-quality, fresh fish, well prepared and executed..."substantial" rolls, they don't cut corners, etc...and if you pay cash they are 50% off!!! (Check with them and make sure this still applies).

        1. re: njstout

          Check out:

          Mr Sushi
          186 Mountainview Blvd
          Wayne, NJ 07470
          (973) 628-8638

          It's an all you can eat place that has a pretty good following

          1. re: njstout

            Allendale is a "a bit far" from Wayne, depending on where you are actually.

            Since you are In Wayne, check out Nori Sushi and Lee's Sushi -- and both are in Wayne. I haven't been to either, but I know several friends who have, and they all like them both very much. One friend is in the fish business and he only goes to "good sushi places" vis a vis the fish. That doesn't mean you will "like" what he likes or your likes are similar to his, but he knows fish and will only go to a place that offers fresh, quality, etc. fish. He has recommended both to me, as have my other friends.

            I've been meaning and trying to get to both of these places.

            Good luck.

            1. re: njstout

              I'd try Circle Farm on Rt 23:


              Best to try any source before before buying for a party.

            2. Please do not get sushi from Shoprite. Really. Please.

              If affordability is an issue, perhaps a different type of food would be preferable? I'm sure you could get wonderful food in that price range, depending on how many people etc.

              Sushi from any supermarket, imo, is an abomination. Mitsuwa can be an exception sometimes. H-Mart too if you know to expect just average sushi. But overall supermarket sushi is just disgusting.

              Edited to add that I see you're in Wayne- Masa is amazing and makes beautiful trays. They are in Allendale which isn't terribly far. Great stuff.

              Also Umaye (sp?) in Closter. Haven't been in a long time but was delicious when went last time.

              Good luck!