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Dec 7, 2013 09:59 AM

LOS what do you recommend there?

We fell in loves with LOS last year and have reservations for the end of the month. We still dream about the Garlic Prawns and will definitely try then Nam Kao Tod this time. We had the Khao Soi (short rib) last time and it was only ok. We also had the drunken noodles w/ sea bass and it was good but we would like to try something different. Maybe the we will try it with duck this time? or w/ the garlic prawns since we love those so much? Or how are the drunken noodles /w the crab? Or what should we order instead of the drunken noodles?? The Nua Sao Renu sounds interesting but my DH is not a big cabbage fan. What about the whole BBQ catfish? I would love to get the garlic lobster but that would be too much food for us and we wouldn't be able to try anything else! Thanks.

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  1. The Nam Kao Tod is a must. I enjoyed the duck curry as well as the drunken noodles with prawn. If you're wanting to try something different go with Garlic Pepper Chicken Wings, Nua Nam Tok and Issan Sausage

    1. It sounds like you haven't had anything from the charcoal grill yet -- I'd go for the whole catfish. Be sure and ask if you can have both sauces -- the chili-lime and the tamarind sauce. They couldn't be more different, so it's almost like having two separate dishes.

      1. Had lunch at the beloved LOS and I always get the Pad Thai with fried tofu, super spicy with extra peanut sauce.

        I got an extra order for later after the winner chicken dinner, champagne night and it was a perfect for late night, gotta eat something.

        1. I'm not a cabbage fan either, but Nua Sao Renu is my favorite dish at Lotus. I just don't eat much of the cabbage -- the beef with its great charred flavor, and the incredible sauce are the stars of the show.

          1. Of all the various Thai places we have tried, LOS has the best Thai beef salad, by far. We always have it whenever we go there.