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Dec 7, 2013 08:57 AM

Gluten Free FRIENDLY spots in Manhattan

Hello Chowhounders,
My boyfriend is vegan by choice and recently was diagnosed with Celiac Disease. I on the otherhand am a die-hard foodie that eats everything under the sun (except for meats other than fish). We have been to many of the restaurants with Gluten free menus (friedmens, gobo), all vegan menus (foodswings, angelicas kitchen, v-note, candle79/cafe), and raw food places (pure food, quintessence).We also eat chinese, japanese, and thai foods a lot as they have safe items. I was wondering if anyone can recommend places with a couple or even just one gluten free/vegan option (my boyfriend isn't obsessed with food like me) that we can try.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Spina on Ave B is pretty good. Veggie sides and also gluten free pasta. Better than the average gluten free pasta.

    Plus Dirt Candy if you can get reservations is awesome.

    Beyond Sushi is good too.

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        Damn Beyond Sushi looks gooooooood!

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          Don't want to get your hopes up regarding beyond sushi, it's really good food, and I'm definitely not vegan and I think it's more than decent for a meal, but more of takeout/fast food dining area. Not linger and have extended flights of sushi.

          Oh, and the south east Indian restaurants, dosas!

          My gf/now wife is gluten free vegan, but I had to find all the places that matches foodie pedigree.

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            You're right-Beyond sushi is probably best for lunch or quick dinner before a movie vs dinner as the "event" for an evening....

      2. Anything here:

        From time to time there are similar posts (Search: Gluten, in top right corner


        I recalled the one above.

        1. it's not fancy, but Don Antonio pizza on 50th at 8th has some of the best GF pizza around. went there with a couple, one of whom is celiac-afflicted, and they both loved the options (the non-GF eater said she'd never had gluten free pizza that tasted like actual pizza before). only one or two of their GF options are also vegan, but they are there.

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          1. I eat like you do, and had a great meal at Caravan of Dreams with a friend who eats gluten free. I'd be glad to go back there even without someone with food restrictions.


            1. Wow! Thanks guys! This is super helpful!