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Dec 7, 2013 08:28 AM

taipei upscale restaurants

Going to Taipei next week for several days and have reservations at Shin Yeh and Really Good Seafood. I know we could get more authentic food at night markets and eating street food but would prefer more elegant settings for dinner. We are staying at W Hotel in Xinyi so if there are restaurants close to our hotel it would be a plus. I would like Asian food preferably with many seafood/fish options. How are Aoba and San Hsi T'ang at National Palace Museum?
Thank you for your help.

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  1. Next to the national palace museum is the Silks Palace restaurant - the second floor is a Chinese restaurant, with a focus on Cantonese food (so lots of seafood), with some dishes themed after museum exhibits.

    I had my wedding dinner there (small number of people), and it was very good. Probably the only time in my life I'll have Beijing duck and lobster at the same meal....