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Dec 7, 2013 06:17 AM

Weekend Dining Adventure

My daughter will be visiting next weekend and I am trying to fill our time together with some off her faves and some new ones. We are staying downtown and she arrives Friday at 1. We are going to try and use TTC as much as possible, but can cab it as well.
Here is what we have scheduled so far and need to fill in the blanks. This will be accentuated with lots of shopping!!

Friday: Lunch/Dinner

Saturday: Lunch. Dinner will be at Scaramouche

Sunday: Lunch/ Dinner at Zucca,

A few ideas we have tossed around are. She enjoys Indian, Thai, Seafood.

Kao San Road : Dinner Friday/Lunch Saturday
Copper Chimney
Biff's ( Friday for their oyster special)
Jaipur Grille
Banh Mi Boys ( quick sandwich)
Sushi Inn

Open for any suggestions, and alternatives to the above.

Happy Holidays

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  1. My husband loves Copper Chimney. He has eaten there a few times. It is his favourite Indian restaurant. He recommended it to a co-worker a few weeks ago and she has been there three times! He says the Samosas are amazing and he has liked every dish he has tried there.

    Khao San Road is great. Their coconut milk based dishes are so tasty. Another good place for Thai in the city is Mengrai.

    Buca is pretty good - try a pizza.

    If your daughter likes seafood you may want to consider Catch, Starfish or Rodney's.

    I haven't tried Scaramouche yet but my brother-in-law and his wife love it there. I'm hoping to go on my birthday, so please report back about what you ate.

    I can't comment on anything else on your list, however if you like steak I HIGHLY recommend Jacob and Co. BEST steak I ever had, ever - and I've had a lot of steak! Fantastic service and a nice atmosphere. Another place I love for dinner is Scarpetta. We had a tasting menu and everything was so delicious.

    Hope you have a good visit with your daughter!

    1. Please do not go to Sushi Inn! The location is quite nice in Yorkville but it's quality is not good. It is very affordable for the area but fish quality is not better than any average AYCE.

      For Indian food, there's a new Indian restaurant just opened up that looks quite tempting and has gotten favorably reviews here. Pukka is the restaurant and here's a thread on it.

      If you love seafood, I agree with Teacherfoodie on Starfish for downtown seafood.

      For moderately priced Japanese, there's Yuzu no hana. There's a fair bit of new izakayas around as well. Jabistro has been mentioned a few times but I find their pricing quite high.

      For Thai food, I'd recommend Sabai Sabai and definitely order the squash fritters, the holy basil shrimp, and crispy white fish!

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      1. re: Nevy

        Patria had some seafood features when I was there last week: garlic shrimp, lobster croquetas, octopus with potato. Enjoyed each of them.

        Thinking of Patria's croquetas made me think of the croquettes at Ici.
        Ici Bistro might also be worth considering. I'm hoping to revisit soon.

      2. Sushi Inn??!! Try Japango or one of the Izakayas like Kingyo or Zakkushi instead. You should have a more enjoyable dining experience there!
        I would also add a SpanishTapas place to your list. Say, Patria, Bar Isabel, Toritos or Carmen.

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        1. re: Charles Yu

          Thank you, as we have tried Sushi Inn for its convenience to my daughters "shopping", I would like to share an alternative, but close option.

          1. re: spine64

            Asuka - 108 Yorkville Ave (one street over from Sushi Inn).

            Not as spacious as Sushi Inn but a step or two up in quality.

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          1. These are some places I've visited recently when I've had company from outside TO: tacos at Milagro before Les Mis, lunch at Zen (realize it's a pain on the TTC if you're staying downtown) , stopping at Arz for nuts and browsing, dinner at Patria, dim sum at Casa Imperial (realize it works better with a car- Dynasty and Crown Princess are more convenient if you're staying downtown and using the TTC), dinner at Sabai Sabai before Aladdin at the Ed Mirvish Theatre, huevos divorciados at Easy on College.

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            1. re: prima

              You won't go wrong with your choices of either Scaramouche - I prefer The Pasta Bar section over the main dining room - or Zucca. Two of the best, most consistent spots of their kind in Toronto. Zucca is easier to get to via subway. If you're staying downtown, Copper Chimney, on Avenue Rd. south of the 401, will be a chore to get to, either by TTC, cab or private car. I've never cared for Jaipur Grille - it's acceptable, but no more than that. The previously mentioned Sabai Sabai, on the edge of Ryerson University downtown, is a lot of fun - and the Thai cuisine there is good, too, as well as inexpensive. Don't know how it stacks up against Khao San Road, where I've never been.

              1. re: juno

                Considering that the chef of SS used to be the original chef at KSR, kinda similar.