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Dec 6, 2013 10:28 PM

damn good cake?

'sup people,

It's that time again. Almost Christmas. I've come to realize I haven't had any really good cake in a long time. so... any recommendations for this year?

I'm willing to drive but it's always easier when it's closer to sgv.

~thanks in advance

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        1. re: Thor123

          And chocolate, and marble, and German chocolate, and red velvet (it's our go-to place for birthday cakes at work so I've sampled them all) . . .

      1. Angel Maid Bakery, Centinela, between Washington and Culver. Always our first choice and a great selection.

        1. What is great to one Hound might be eh or even bleckh to another - cake or otherwise. For example, Porto's is excellent to some. Me? Good value but more of a C-lister in my book.

          1. I love Big Sugar's vanilla cake with vanilla frosting. They put crunchy sanding sugar on top for a very appealing texture. The vanilla taste is incredibly clean and pure.

            1. Kievsky cake at Karina's
              Petit fours at Valerie