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Dec 6, 2013 06:58 PM

Bonita Springs lunch recommendations??

Family of four flying into Fort Myers from Cleveland arriving 11am mid-January with two college age kids who don't start back to school till late January. Rental car. Destination beachfront condo on Marco Island - check in 3pm. Second time to Marco Island. Looking for lunch destination/options near Bonita Springs or anywhere else not far off I-75. Seafood & waterfront view are a plus coming from Cleveland's winter weather & grey skies. We love fish tacos, grouper sandwiches & anything seafood related on the local front.

List I have so far:
Fish House Restaurant
Coconut Jack's
Big Hickory Fishing Nook Seafood Grille

What do you chowhounders recommend?? Thanks so much!!!

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  1. Coconut Jack's has good food, great views of back bay.

    Doc's has cute location but is poor food wise.

    You also could go to The Dock in Naples.

    Area of Naples that has not embraced the ultra highend vibe of Fifth Avenue and Third St. South.

    We love it. Great burgers, and the fish is excellent. We usually have lunch there on our way to Marriott's Crystal Shores...puts us in the mood and we live in SW Florida

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      OMG! I loved the menu of the Dock at Crayton Cove in Naples! Absolutely. It will be an expensive lunch but worth it if the food is good. Not too far off I-75 either because we do have time to kill before checking in to the rental condo on Marco Island if all goes well & we don't have weather/flight delays. Maybe pick up some take out for dinner when we do a grocery run to stock up for the week somewhere before arriving in Marco Island. Thanks so much!!!

    2. Doc's isn't gourmet heaven but sitting upstairs looking over the beach and the gulf are wonderful. I usually get a grouper sandwich(grilled, but fried is also available) and it's very good. I can't recommend anything else there as I haven't sampled much of the menu. Gumbo Limbo at the Ritz also has wonderful views of the gulf but of course it will be pricier. I like the food.

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        I remember both of you, RevrendAndy & LiMsFoodie, as you were so helpful in suggesting restaurants in past FL trips over the years. I totally expected both of you & even Nosh to chime in with recommendations again. Thanks!! This will be the first trip back to Marco Island in five years and I have been following several threads on here for recommendations. Can't wait to get out of this cold & gray skies for sunny FL with warmth and good seafood. Anyone know anything about a Persian restaurant in Naples?? Is that worth checking out??

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          I totally recommend picking up an easy to prepare seafood dinner from Paradise Market on Marco Island. They have a number of things you just pop in the oven. If they have hog fish en pappiotte..definitely get that. They will prepare most thin filets in this manner...a meal in one paper wrapper. I make it at home now. spinach, garlic, lemons thinly sliced, cannelloni beans, black olives, feta, little pepper, the fish, of course, and I put on some pepper flakes. Cooks in about 17 mins.

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            Yes, we did discover Paradise Seafood Market on our first Marco Island Christmas trip in 2008. Glad they are still in business. A culinary gem, for sure!!! We'd never heard of hogfish before until our Key West trip last year during New Year's week so I am glad to hear they have hogfish en pappiotte that we can purchase & take back to the condo & pop in the oven & have a sunset bottle of wine. Speaking of hogfish, an uncle of mine is a avid fisherman in the Keys and prepared an hogfish dinner for us one night while we were in the Keys. Awesome!!! Thanks so much for your help!!!

      2. I would forget the Persian and go Peruvian at Inca's Kitchen. No view but not too far east of 75. Best restaurant in the area imho.

        1. Food Report for January 2014 Naples/Marco Island:

          After we arrived at RSW, we got our rental car & proceeded to the Dock at Crayton Cove in Naples for lunch. While the views were great & we were able to sit outside for lunch, we were disappointed in the food. We all ordered the fish tacos and it wasn't even a local fish. It was some kind of farmed fish related to catfish that we'd never heard of - our kids looked it up on their smartphones after the waiter told us what it was. The tacos were plain & no flavor. My husband said he was going to write a negative review on TripAdvisor.

          Dinner later that day was at Le Be Fish on Marco Island - fabulous!!! We all got some kind of a fish dinner which was grilled - the choices were grouper & snapper. And, we vowed to go back again. We did get take out one other night - fish/shrimp tacos & the portion was rather on the small side. Got cupcakes from the cute little cupcake place in the same alley & they were delicious.

          We had one dinner at Pelican Bend on Isle of Capri - the snapper portions were huge. Two of us could have shared a plate.

          Another dinner was at Little Bar in Goodland. The priciest of all of our dinners out. My husband had the stone crab claws. Both kids had the ahi tuna & they were disappointed b/c it was too done & they've had better elsewhere. I had blue crab cakes. They were ok - but I am spoiled because I have had some top notch crab cakes from the Eastern Maryland shore.

          On a cool non-beach day, we headed for Everglades National Park & stopped at Triad for lunch in Everglades City. We had a hard time choosing between Camilia's & Triad. As for Triad's, it was one of the best blackened grouper sandwiches I've ever had. Hubby had conch sandwich & one of the kids had a blue crab sandwich & thought it was good.

          Another non-warm day we went to Naples. Had lunch at a Jamaican restaurant, Del-Mel. The food was very good. And, since there weren't many customers, we ended up staying & chatting with the owner.

          Someone at the hot tub at the condo we rented on Marco Island mentioned that their favorite place was Capri Fish House so on our final night we went to Capri Fish House. WE LOVED IT!!! That ended up being our favorite!!! We got to sit outside by the water in an enclosed area & they had outdoor heaters. Their early bird seafood specials were fabulous & plentiful. The food was so good!