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Dec 6, 2013 05:38 PM

Arrggh: Fifth Floor will shut for remodel/update [San Francisco]

Inside Scoop just reported that one of our long-time favs, Fifth Floor in the Hotel Palomar, closes up Jan 17th to be remodeled into a new small plates/cocktail concept. So far David Bazirgan is scheduled to stay, thank goodness:

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  1. Has it been good lately? I don't find any reports here from the past year.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      It has been very good since David took over the kitchen minus some issues with the promptness of their bar service. And David's food was great when he was at Chez Papa Resto before that, so if they are redoing the concept, I think it's more because of the challenges of finding a suitable concept for operating a restaurant on the 5th floor inside a hotel.

      1. re: nocharge

        Are there challenges?

        If they're really looking to Trick Dog and Maven for influence or a concept that will translate to the 5th floor of a hotel, I'd say any problems operating are deeper than being on the 5th floor of a hotel building.

    2. Honestly, the place felt very dated and cramped.

      Plus they kept relaunching the happy hour specials every couple years, get some press for it, then discontinue even though they were still getting write ups for it.

      Lousy management.