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Dec 6, 2013 05:23 PM

New Year's Eve with a group

First grown-ups only NYE in 8 years! Looking for a great place for a group of 6 adults to eat and drink, maybe something interactive (like Shabu Shabu, but not that). Not super fancy, but can be upscale. Under $300/couple would be good. Ideally, with a late seating so we can ring in the new year there.

One in the group suggested Cambridge or Somerville. I was also interested in restaurants down by the ICA area.

We live in Melrose and were hoping to avoid this area for a change, even though Malden has some fun places.

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    1. I would recommend Spanish Tapas. It's the most fun we've had out with other people in recent memory. Something about sharing food and discussing it is special. We love Estragon in the south end. Always good food and good friendly service. Very easy parking.

      Legal harborside has good seafood and is reasonably priced. You could always move upstairs to the 3rd floor for drinks. I believe their NYE is 60$ person or 400$ for table for 6. Great views up there of the harbor and I believe you can see the fireworks from there. The area around the ICA is absolutely freezing at this time of year!