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Dec 6, 2013 04:37 PM

The Barrymore or La Cave?

I made reservations at La Cave for our first night in Vegas but I forgot about The Barrymore. We wanted to try either La Cave or The Barrymore during our last trip and it did not work the menu at The Barrymore looks amazing! We love pork belly, grilled octopus, foie gras and grilled artichokes so I don't even know if we will make it to the entrees! Could we make a meal out of those apps ? Or should we split an entree....thinking the black bass! Do you recommend the Barrymore over La Cave? We will have a car but since we plan on consuming wine at dinner than maybe we should walk to the Barrymore from our hotel (Encore)? Is it safe to walk from Encore to the Barrymore? I am thinking that dinner at The Barrymore followed by martinis at Parasol Down sound like a wonderful first nite in Vegas to me!

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  1. La Cave could be a lunch stop and you would not miss anything....The Barrymore is much more about ambiance and "old Vegas" and is better for a dinner. I'm not comparing the food only the two, at both, can be good or just OK....neither will blow it out of the water; but The Barrymore, being "off the Strip" is also a pretty good value as compared to La Cave

    1. Agree with VegasGourmet that the Barrymore is about vibe, not necessarily the food. At times it's very good, at times horribly inconsistent. The walk from Encore is a piece of cake but you do have to go through the Las Vegas Plaza shopping center, which at night can be a little sketchy. I was fine with buddies but would not really want to do the walk with my wife. Safe I suppose but I know my wife wouldn't appreciate it.

      My opinion is that you will probably save $20-$50 dining at Barymore so if the budget is most important go Barymore. La Cave is very good, consistent and you can have many small bites and walking in the WynnCore is much nicer than walking to Barymore. La Cave gets my vote.

        1. Just had a lovely time at La Cave at the Wynn and we sat in the back room, along the banquettes..candle lighting and festive but in a quiet way.

          Had the Thai ceviche with lotus root chips, flatbread with artichokes and black olives, beets with goat cheese, Buttermilk bleu cheese and salumi...all the flatbread.

          The one thing I wish they'd get rid of is the flat screen in the main room.
          Service was great and loved the intimate surroundings in the back room.