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Family brunch sat 12/7 near 14th st and 9th ave

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Annual trip tomorrow am from NJ to Wired Store

It's at 14th st and 9th Ave

Store opens at noon and we would like to come in early, shop the area a bit, eat, then hit the store at noon

Me, wife and 2 young kids who eat anything

Not too expensive, wanting casual but good

Also any desert or snacks in the area for after? Ie Mokofuku milk, Levain bakery

Any cool stores in the area too?


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  1. There's s table for four available at 1030am at cookshop on opentable.com. Grab it.

    1. Tap Room at Colicchio and Sons
      Bistro La Promenade

      1. Hit up Chelsea Market before/after:

        Good shopping nearby is outside the scope of Chowhound.

        1. Westville on w18th st b/w 8th and 9th ave is another option, this link includes all the daily specials:

          For more info on shopping etc timeout is helpful: