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Dec 6, 2013 11:44 AM

Good King Tavern

Has anyone been there yet? We looked in the window after dinner at Nomad. And while we had a great time and pizza at Nomad, it looked really nice in the tavern.

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  1. Bumping this as I am curious if anyone has been since this was posted...

    1. We went in December and the food is good - however the service didn't come close to the quality of the food. Issues - no orange juice, no cranberry juice ( I know you are trying to be French but French people squeeze fresh oranges and would probably squeeze cranberry's too!), servers trying to rush us out when we were a large party, which is difficult to do. I hosted a party and some of my guests arrived early and the waitress took their order prior to my arrival, albeit that I arrived at the reservation time. Our party couldn't hang at the bar, as there was no room, so they sat at our table, and then the waitress started to put pressure on them to order, so as to try to get the table back. Very poor indeed. Other quibbles, the wine by the glass is average at best and I personally ordered a glass from Southern or Southwestern France, which was served in a dinky little cheap wine glass, roughly a five ounce pour and cost $13. It was an average wine at best and the bottle couldn't have cost much more than that price - making it a roughly 5 times mark-up. I havn't been back because of those issues, however the food was tasty, well presented and all this on a busy holiday evening. The kitchen is rock solid, it's the front of house that needs a good improvement. I tried charcuterie plate - v. good and different to some other places, however trying to disguise the paltry portion of foie gras mousse with a bunch of pickled veggies isn't that clever and having too much sausage another issue, duck confit - very good traditional French prep with frisee, gratin potatoes, which the waitress told me were going to cost me a fortune and I told her that I didn't care - frogs legs looked good etc. I also don't get the pitchets of wine - it seems a novel way to serve cheap wine. When is anyone going to realize that we are getting tired of ridiculously expensive prices for cheap wines - everyone from Avance to Good King Tavern listen up - your wine list mark ups are ridiculous.