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Dec 6, 2013 11:23 AM

High Road Ice Cream

Has anybody ever seen this at Gelson's? They are an Atlanta based ice cream company that I'd like to try. On their website it says the work with Gelson's in SoCal.

Preferably looking for intel on the Irvine Gelson's. Thanks.

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  1. Irvine Gelson's says they have 4 flavors in stock by High Road (I wonder if one of them is Rocky High Road?).

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    1. re: Servorg

      Have you had any and is it worth the price? I'm going to go by during lunch and pick up a pint.

      1. re: js76wisco

        Never tried it. I'll be interested to read the results of your taste test.

        1. re: Servorg

          I didn't get a chance to go by Gelson's to try the high road but I did spot Jeni's Splendid at Whole Foods in Tustin today. $12.99 for a pint of organic grass fed ice cream. Brambleberry, Salty Caramel and one other flavor. It's $12.00 a pint on the Jeni's website so not a huge markup. I will definitely be trying this once I remember to bring my freezer bag. Anybody ever have Jeni's?

          The most disappointing pint I've had recently was McConnell's salted caramel chip. The texture of the ice cream was awful, It was very icy almost to the point of being inedible.

    2. i wish i could help, but i usually end up taking the low road.

      1. Saw it at the Gelson's in West Hollywood last weekend.