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Dec 6, 2013 10:55 AM

High end retailers latest attempt at getting customers to spend more money and time......(As seen on CNBC!!)

As a sort of follow up to my Unintended Consequences thread on this board here is the following food related segment I just watched. High end retailers such as Nordstrom and Saks have had Cafe's in their stores for a little while now, however their latest plans are to add booze into the mix. Nordstrom, Saks and American Outfitters are experimenting with serving alcohol in their stores.

The thought process is obviously a buzzed shopper is a happier shopper and with the libations will come higher spending than normal. Also, for the married couples keeping the husband happy and occupied in the bar/lounge will give the wife more time to shop till she (or he) drops.

As I said in my other thread, I just might have to go shopping and try this out!!

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  1. If they want to make me a happier shopper, alcohol isn't the answer. They need to turn off the godawful music they play, lower the heat, and give me a bottle of water. THEN I'll start spending!

    I'll be curious to see if these stores raise the prices on any of their merchandise to cover the increased liability insurance premiums they'll likely have to pay.

    1. Used to love the Nordie's Cafe, but haven't been in ages. A glass of wine as a shopping break might bright me back in. Plus, saw at our mall that a new Wine Bar kiosk is going in--surprised it isn't already up and running for the holiday season. A few moms with kids in tow that I saw surely could use a glass of wine!

      1. Not so new in nyc.... Macy's in hearald square nyc has a champagne/wine bar in the remodeled shoe section, and the cafes at bloomingdales, barney's and bergdorf's all serve alchohol as well....

        1. I grew up in the retail business. Dad owned 15 clothing stores. I later owned 3. We didn't have cafes or wine bars.
          But what we did have was a fully stocked bar/fridge in the manager's office of each location.
          Bored husbands/boyfriends were often invited to the office to drink while the women shopped/tried on clothing.
          After 5PM wine spritzers or champagne were served in the ladies shoe department.
          Holiday time, platters of cakes, cookies, hot/cold punch (spiked and virgin) were set out for shoppers. Since we didn't sell the alcohol no license was needed. In those days we also wrapped all gifts and delivered them to the customer's homes for free. It was a much more refined and enjoyable time for shopping......................

          1. Jr, booze has been a lubricant at auctions, for charity and for profit, for as long as I have been alive. Wine at art galleries, more recently, as in 25 years.

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              Hahaha you should see my Tarkay collection from the daily art auction on the cruise during my honeymoon!

              1. re: jrvedivici

                Reminds me of sobering up on a few Sunday mornings, hoping the phone wouldn't ring with the good (?) news that I submitted a winning bid in the silent auction sometime after midnight just before I went home loaded.

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                  see you one Tarkay and raise your 12 more, including three nudes and throw in 3 Alexander Chens and a Le Kniff..........

                  4 bottles of wine later