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Dec 6, 2013 08:55 AM

Abie's Smoked Meat

When driving down St. Jeans I've noticed that Abie's Smoked Meat seems dark. Are they still open?

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  1. How long ago was that? Last I heard, they were closed for very short time but re-opened soon after(that was a week or two ago). There was a fire close-by, or something along those lines.

    1. The fire was actually in the restaurant. My mother was there when it started.

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      1. re: jonhall

        When was this(I thought it was a week or two ago) ? I only heard about it. Still hasn't re-opened yet?

        1. re: jonhall

          OK I checked it was a small fire mid-November. However there was some significant water damage. It should be re-opening very very soon.

        2. I wanted to go there last night and looked quite closed around 8:00pm

          1. I've been there once, never again. The smoked meat was tough, flavourless and not even warm. Sure it was a slow night but the brisket should have been melting soft being in the steamer so long. Sad sad sad. I live around the st-charles/pierrefonds area and I prefer to drive out to Pete's and Deli Bee's rather than eat that stuff again. Smoked meat in Montreal is serious business and with all the great places around there is no need for sub-par smoked meat.

            Chenoy's just down the street has better smoked meat. Seriously, it was that bad...

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              I half agree - while I think Abie's overall is just okay (I wouldn't call it terrible), the price / quality is just not worth it. If I remember correctly it is 3-4$ / lb more than DeliBee's, and, frankly, Delibee's is just much better. I definitely go there now for our smoked meat!

            2. Driving by the other day I noticed that Abie's is closed down with "For Rent" signs up. Too bad, it was a decent sandwich. I hadn't been in a while and I know there were some recent negative reviews that it had gone downhill but when I had always gone it was spot on and very similar to Schwartz, not that rubbery elastic industrial smoked meat.

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                Apparently they're moving to the Blue Haven shopping strip.I don't know if the new location is open yet.