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Dec 6, 2013 07:45 AM

Rehearsal Dinner - Westside

May Wedding - 50 guests at rehearsal dinner.
Looking for good food and not crazy expensive.
Santa Monica, W Hollywood, Beverly Hills, MDR.

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  1. <not crazy expensive>

    What does that mean?
    Price range per person?

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    1. re: latindancer

      What that means is that she wants to have a nice event for 50 people, but that unlike so many people in this town who have endless cash (or who spend like they do), price is an object. Most people don't have a strict budget for an event like this, but simply want a a nice place with good food that but which isn't crazy expensive. Craft, Ink and Providence are probably out.

      1. re: bringiton

        Even if the OP doesn't have a strict budget, he/she hopefully has some range in mind to help people w/ suggestions....

    2. Westside Tavern has a very nice private room and full bar that won't cost you a fortune.

      1. Shamshiri grill is big enough, and reasonably priced.

        1. bringiton you got it exactly right - wedding is at Hotel Bel-Air.
          Looking for something completely different for night before. Would be great to have a private room. Probably not too ethnic.

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          1. re: flowergirl

            WSG on a previous thread suggested C&O Trattoria for a rehersal dinner. Perhaps that would suit your needs, if you can get out of there in 2 hrs....

            1. re: flowergirl

              Trattoria Amici on Doheney and Santa Monica just got a liquor license. You could take the patio or the main room and the food and price are both good.

            2. We did a rehearsal dinner at Cafe Bizou in Santa Monica and was very good and reasonably priced. We did one and Valentino which was quite costly and in my opinion was not worth the price...comparing the two.