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Dec 6, 2013 07:39 AM

Chef Rick's Ultimately Fine Foods [Santa Maria]

Rick and Cathy Manson have set up shop in the former medical facility at Stowell and Miller Rd in Santa Maria. Open M-F from 11 AM to 3 PM.

Hope to get by today and will report back.

505 East Plaza Drive
(805) 680-7351

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  1. Thank for the tip - he is a remarkable force having created the dining scene in this neck of the woods. A little closer to home for us than his Nipomo set up so we will have to sweep by someday soon. Plus with PCPA Theater Fest at Alan Hancock College during the winter months, this can make a good theater night duo.

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    1. Stopped in for lunch today and had a wonderful talk with Rick in his new kitchen. Turns out the operation is currently take-out and catering only, but that will change after the first of the year.

      We picked up the Southern Fried Chicken sandwich, the Cornmeal crusted Eggplant over Cheese Grits, an order of the Coconut Shrimp, and one of the Chocolate Chip cookies.

      Also learned this evening that he will be catering a dinner for a little music gig at the Costa de Oro tasting room featuring a couple of friends (including the keyboard player for U2). Price of the dinner is $12 and runs from 5-8 PM. The tasting room is just east of 101 on the south side of Stowell.

      Easiest route to his new kitchen is west on Stowell from 101 then left (south) on Cecilia one block before Miller Rd. Cecilia curves back west and becomes E. Plaza. Just past the large Marion Med Ctr complex is a white smaller building with white brick columns and the address of 505. Turn right at the first hallway and knock on the first door on the left, or proceed to the second hallway, turn right and the kitchen door with a see through window is on the right. This will be the dining area after the first of the year.

      BTW, tried a glass of the Costa de Oro Sauvignon blanc and their Syrah, both excellent.

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        Very eclectic menu, that is for sure.

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          OK. very weird to go to dinner where I used to get my....never mind.