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Dec 6, 2013 05:00 AM

Best Kauai Recs for breakfast and Dinner.

Will be visiting the Island of Kauai for the day only on Dec. 23rd-Want your best recs for both meals. Landing in Lihue 9am and will be heading to Hanalei this year then back to Lihue departure at 630pm. Appreciate your recs!!! Can be fancy or simple-just want fantastic meals.

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  1. I am respectfully wondering why with just one day you are planning two meals? There is so much to see of the north shore, that I wouldn't want to spend it in a restaurant on island time.

    That said, we always enjoy a breakfast at Olympic Cafe in Kapa'a. We like either the ocean view or the street view. Others prefer Kountry Kitchen.

    In Hanalei area, I would consider a picnic from Princeville Foodland including spicy ahi poke. Or a a couple of rustic sushi rolls from Hanalei Dolphin Fish Market (out back behind the restaurant) and a scoop of ono salad to spread on some saltine crackers.

    Or you might stop by Pat's Taqueria - a food truck down by the pier.

    With so much to see on the north shore, you should be rushing for your flight. But if you make it back to Lihue early then head to Kress St and check out Hamura's Saiman for some great soup and local flavor. Order a slice of lillikoi chiffon pie, or if you are not heading back to the mainland see if they have a frozen pie you can fly with to your other island.

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      Hawaii is where I am from. I currently reside in NYC. I spend the holidays every year in Honolulu and do day trips to the outer islands. Since I have 3 meals a day, what's wrong with planning 2 meals during the day trip to Kauai? I will wing the 3rd depending where my driving leads me. I won't be spending whole day eating-just filling in the eating part.

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        Did you see the recent article in the NYTimes travel section about Kauai? It gives the same places to eat around Hanalei that regularly appear in this discussion group, ex: Bar Accuda.

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            Your FLIGHT leaves at 6:30? Were you planning on eating dinner near the airport and what time, like 4-4:30pm? How much time are you leaving for gassing up/returning the rental car & going through security?

            Bar Acuda OPENS at 6.

            From The New York Times:

            36 Hours in Kauai, Hawaii

            You could fill a weekend simply staring slack-jawed at this island’s natural beauty. But Kauai’s appeal stretches far beyond those arresting views.


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          Hey I was only trying to help you. No need to get defensive and shoot the messenger. I did offer some great ideas. Clearly I wasn't suggesting you not eat 2 meals. Just that time for two restaurant sit down meals will eat up valuable time. Between picking and dropping of rental, travel time to Hanalei and getting in the vicinity of the airport 5-ish gobbles up a huge portion of your allotted time between landing and take off.. And interisland travel is not like the good old days when you could show up 20 minutes before take off and board.

          I haven't had the opportunity yet, but many friends rave about The Right Slice pies in Lihue.

      2. Aloha Bruddha Mayor. .
        You hangin' on my beloved island for the day.

        Hamura Saimin in Lihue near the airport for the best saimin and lilikoi pie..its a James Beard winner and its a real dive that is da bomb..hit up for lunch

        I was just at the St. Regis in Hanalei and wasn't really impressed..maybe go for drinks at the piano bar area.
        Then hit up Todd Rundgren's Tiki Iniki bar for more drinks and pupu's and or Mediterranean Gourmet in Hanalei..have not been but friends rave about it and its oceanfront.

        Red Salt in Poipu is outstanding and serves breakfast/lunch and dinner..
        It's in the Koa Kea hotel next to the Marriott Waiohai and next door is the best swimming and snorkeling at Poipu Beach.

        I took a Hawaiian Air puddle jumper to HNL and from LIH you didn't have to get there 2 hours early but the flight was full.

        Aloha and have a wonderful time!

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          Beach Chick, It appears that the flight takes off at 6:30 , so OP would have to leave Hanalei by 3:30 to cover any Kapa'a traffic jams (take bypass road). Or leave a lot earlier to go to Poipu.

          St Regis will be quiet - not impressed either. (miss the OLD Princeville Hotel) T Iniki in the afternoon doesn't sound like much fun. I do love the mai tais we've had at Med Gourmet. They are great people and the location even on a quiet afternoon is beautiful. Especially when the surf is up and you can't get close to the water!

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            thanks Beach Chick! Sounds like great suggestions. I know Kauai real well cause I spent lots of time there as a kid-traffic was different back then. My favorite place to hang out was Coco Palms-probably cause it was a 5 minute walk from where I stayed. Mediterranean Gourmet sounds like a place to visit before heading back to Lihue.

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              Had a great day trip to the Garden Isle despite Go airline's delayed take off and departure back-both legs of flight delayed an hour due to "lack of a plane"! Anyway upon landing , headed straight to Hamura's for a delicious bowl of Won Ton Min with side of beef stick and chicken stick. It really hit the spot and kept me so full all day, I only had room enough for shave ice in Hanalei town. Thanks for all your suggestions! Spending another 2 weeks here on Oahu-btw we had a super wonderful dinner for 47 people at Hy's steakhouse last week-everything was perfect as usual.