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Dec 5, 2013 11:33 PM

Dinner theater places for NYE

My husband LOVES to go to dinner theters and we'd like to go to one on NYE. We know and liked Bistro Romano, but looking for another place please. Many years ago (back in 196/7 we went to a fun show at a place in South Philly that did a kinda speak easy theme and served family style.. The food was maybe not up to chow standrds bu ti was plentiful and yummy and we left happy.'Any suggestions please?

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  1. There is a dinner theater attached to the Cock n Bull in Peddlars Village.

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      Cock n Bull does a mystery dinner theatre Friday Sat and I think Sundays. The website has no information yet about what they are doing for New Years Eve. The food is marginal.

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        Went a year or so ago and the food was not good. Have had better meals there in Hart's Tavern.

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          Harts is no longer... been redone. Food is mediocre just the same. Remember most of the restaurants are owned by the Peddlers Village folks.

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          Thanks, but that is a bit far far NYE. We may look into it for another night.

        3. I only went when they first opened and I don't know what they are doing for NYE but Walnut Street Supper club had decent Italian food and pretty good entertainment. It was kind of a Caberet thing with the servers taking turns singing classic songs, show tunes, etc with live piano.

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          1. Fisher's is having a mystery dinner theater on NYE.

            1. Another option is either of the opera cafes in South Philly (Victor Cafe or High Note Cafe). However, the food at both is hit or miss, parking in South Philly on NYE will be difficult, and you really aren't getting a full show.

              But other than that, they are perfect! ;)

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                This may be interesting. Thanks for the suggestion.