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Dec 5, 2013 10:28 PM

Best Chow-worthy Kosher pizza in Manhattan

Coming to NYC for a few days and would love to have the best slice of kosher pizza...suggestions?

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  1. I'd start by stopping to think about slices. The best pizzas come out fresh and are not reheated pies served by the slice. If you're not ordering a whole pie you want places that will serve personal pies.

    I liked Pizza da Solo when I went there. I think there may be another higher end place that has opened recently that's worth considering too. Maybe someone can chime in on it and offer a comparison.

    Here is Pizza da Solo's website.

    1. Pizza da Solo, not a slice type of place, but still. Also Rafaello's which just opened on 46th street.

      1. My personal favorite (over the 2 listed below) is a fresh out of the oven slice from Bravo pizza. I think they have 2 kosher locations in Manhattan.

        1. definitely try pizza da solo in the sony atrium - they make the individual pies to order and i love that you have the whole atrium to sit in - great people watching for the nosiest among us!