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Dec 5, 2013 09:51 PM

Breakfast/brunch recommendations on The Strip

We will be heading to LV at the end of the month. So far we have La Cave and LOS planned for dinners. We need to plan for breakfast/brunch. We are definitely do one of these meals at Bouchon. We will be staying at The Encore and I am considering breakfast at Society Cafe. How is it? It looks like is has some really interesting items(ultimate steak/egg sliders/short rib hash). How are the portions? DH and I will generally like to eat a hearty but healthy breakfast and may just skip lunch and then eat a hearty dinner. Should we just walk to Bouchon every day for breakfast? Thanks!

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  1. I personally think Tableau in the Tower Suites section of the Wynn is one of the best breakfasts in LV (and one of the most expensive, but hey, it's Vegas Baby!). They have some very interesting selections (mouth is watering thinking about the Duck Hash). Also a personal favorite is the Verandah at The Four Seasons. Their brunch on weekends while smaller in selection is at the top in terms of quality. Wonderful setting too. I make these #1-2 on my list while Bouchon is 3.

    1. Tableau at the Wynn is way better than Society every, service and certainly ambiance. A no-brainer...go to Tableau!

      1. Society is weak.
        Peppermill is hilarious - just down the street.
        On Sunday the brunch at Border Grill is excellent.
        Tableau is excellent, as well.

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          We had a nice brunch at Border Grill a couple weeks ago. Nicely done non-buffet AYCE where they will just keep bringing small plates of whatever you like out to you.

          We missed Bouchon this last trip, but have had good breakfasts there, before.

          Mon Ami Gabi was quite nice, but make sure you eat the crepe/pancakes fast as the desert climate will suck all the moisture out of their edges if you dawdle on the patio. Their pain au chocolate was great (and, by comparison, the pain au chocolate I got from the coffee bar at The Hotel [not The Cafe] Thanksgiving morning was dismal).

        2. Veranadah at the Four Seasons
          Terrace Pointe Cafe at the Wynn
          Grand Lux at the Venetian
          Border Grill at Mandalay
          Tacos El Gordo across from the taco shop in LV

          Love love love Lotus of Siam for lunch the menu
          Cosmo has a fab Chandelier bar for craft cocktails and 3 story bar...secret pizza (third floor by bathrooms) place is great after partying with great pizza with high end ingredients...they have a Galactica old school vid game..

          End of the month is a zoo in Vegas..are you there for NYE?

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              "Tacos El Gordo across from the taco shop in LV"

              Maybe someone can explain this to me - I went to the one in SD which was less populated, so the following was not as much of an issue. I tried to stop by the LV locale and it was a mad house and I left...because...

              You have to line up for each meat station 1 by 1?!?! so by the time you got the 4th variety of taco you want, the first one you got is no longer prime cuz it's been sitting in your hand in aluminium for 10 minutes!?

              1. re: ns1

                Yeah it's a bit of a drag. When this location first opened it was nowhere near the madhouse it is now. Key is to go with others.

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                  I've never had a problem at the Charleston location. It looks daunting, but there are really only two stations for tacos: adobado, and everything else. If you want the free onions and chilies, you have to stop at the end of the line, too.

              2. We are there from that afternoon of the 28th and leave the afternoon of the 31st. We are also definitely hitting Tacos El Gordo for one one of meals too! Love that place! We tried Peppermill last year and we were not impressed. I will try to convince DH to go to will be hard to convince him since we love Bouchon and their price point is so much better. What do you all recommend at Tableau? I have heard great things about The Verandah and Border Grill but we will probably just stay near the Wynn for most of our trip. Also, is Hash House a Go Go at the The Quad decent?

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                  Everything at Tableau is at least very good. The duck hash is outstanding, as is the bagel and lox plate. Mmm...just thinking about the duck hash makes my north water. Also, Tableau is one of the prettiest spots anywhere for breakfast.

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                    Hash House a Go Go is a scene; no more and no less. Embrace the Gluttony, smile at it, and order the bread pudding.


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                        Mixed opinion. I'd go once, likely won't got back.


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                      Hash House a Go Go gets bashed on this board but we really liked it. We went once for breakfast and once for lunch. It was a nice change from the typical diner food and chain restaurant lunches that you get where we live.