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Dec 5, 2013 08:27 PM

Restaurant/ice cream parlor for child's birthday in SF (near Union Square?)

Our family is visiting San Francisco Dec 7th-15th. We have two young kids (3 and almost 7). The older one will be celebrating his birthday while we are in SF. I am looking for a fun restaurant or ice cream parlor that we can take the kids to on our older son's birthday. If a restaurant, we'd like one that will allow us to bring a cake. Ideally it would be not too far from Union Square, since that is where we are staying.

I'm also looking for recommendations for a place to get a decent but not too pricey birthday cake (no more than $25). We are English, so would like an English-style sponge/Madeira-style cake, rather than the lighter American kind.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. When I recently walked past The Palace Hotel, I noticed they now have a Ghirardelli shop and fountain there. It's a very easy walk from Union Square.

    If you click on the Locations & Events tab, they have a sample of their fountain menu.

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        Good 17 yr old loves their sundae at AT&T Park. And I'm sure the hotel is decorated nicely for the holidays.

        For fun, kids might enjoy Sugar Castle display at Westin St. Francis.

      2. Can you add some details that might help us give you guidance? I think your request is reading too close to a riddle that's made to stump us.

        Is it just the 4 of you...How big is your party?
        What kind of food do your kids like?

        Bringing in a cake rules out a lot of places we might suggest.

        Original Joe's is the only thing coming to mind without knowing more. It's a San Francisco throwback, family place, that's nice, but not fancy. Completely casual, and pretty much fast food, is Super Duper, but at that age I can remember going to parties at McDonald's, so maybe that's all you're looking for? Burger Bar, FarmerBrown (not in the best area) come to mind. For fancier, there's Slanted Door, Epic Roasthouse, Bourbon Steak.

        English style cake is like a pound cake?

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          We'll be just two adults and two kids.

          At home we eat local, organic, unprocessed food, so something along those lines would be great, but that could include pizza, burgers, etc, just high quality ones.

          Yes, English cake is like American pound cake.