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Dec 5, 2013 07:40 PM

Come Dine With Me--US version

I was just watching Project Runway when I saw an ad for CDWM! I had just started watching the British version when BBC America stopped broadcasting it. I have my fingers crossed that it will be as good, but it probably won't be. But I'm hoping! I'm recording it now-Lifetime channel, 10:00 (and I think 11:00 as well), Thursdays.

ETA Oops, maybe this is the Canadian version. I'm watching it now and the first contestant is flying the Canadian flag.

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  1. There is one person that faithfully posts CDWM on I love that show. Not sure how a U.S. version would be unless they kept the same voice over guy.

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    1. re: Firegoat

      Thanks! I'll definitely check out YouTube.

    2. I just happened to catch the show after Project Runway as well. How unpleasant. Most of the contestants were mediocre, inexperienced cooks. They were unpleasant, bitchy about each other, and the "narrator" just emphasized what was wrong with each meal and each contestant. The whole show made me feel uncomfortable and a little in need of a shower..

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      1. re: chicgail

        I don't mind the show, except for the fact that the narrator is so condescending and snarchy, even more so than the contestants.
        Mind you, I would never go on the show myself, the main reason being that there is no way I would allow strangers to rummage through my bedroom closet and drawers. lol

      2. Yes, it's the Canadian version, which I have never seen, so I'll probably check it out for a while.

        The weirdest thing to me was the pronunciation of the word Oaxacan, by both the contestant AND the announcer - they said it like Ox-sack-en. WTF? I've heard that on British food shows, but in CANADA?

        As for chicgail's reaction to the show - the BBC one is even more like that with a much snarkier announcer whose main function seems to be to mock the contestants.

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        1. re: ratgirlagogo

          I've never heard that pronunciation before!

        2. Loved, loved, loved that show. I still remember the episode with "Miss Cherry Bakewell." What a hoot.

          Hopefully, BBC will also bring back, "How Clean is Your House?"

          Sadly, I don't think either of these formats will be nearly as good if filmed in the USA. I'd gladly watch a Canadian version.

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          1. re: MrsPatmore

            OMG, I loved Come Dine With Me! I wish BBCA will re-run those shows. Apparently there's quite a few episodes that never made it to the US.

            I loved the episode where the woman ate the fish eyes and it looked like the guy sitting next to her was going to pass out - IIRC.

            How Clean is Your House! Another one that I either loved - or got sick watching! The ick factor sometimes tripped me up.

            BBCA - please hear our pleas!

            1. re: breadchick

              Hey breadchick, SWIM just said that there was a whole season of CDWM filmed in Australia cir. 2011 . . . The whole season can be downloaded @ piratebay

              Also, it appears there were 491 original UK episodes, if I'm seeing this correctly:

              I don't know where you are, but here in SE, we definitely did not get 491 episodes - maybe 20?

              1. re: MrsPatmore

                Hi, Mrs.P,
                I'm in New York, and can also confirm we didn't get much beyond a few episodes. Thanks for the link!

                1. re: breadchick

                  well don't get too excited, because after I posted the link, I tried to click through to see if I could actually watch some of the missing episodes. Apparently the missing episodes can't be viewed in the USA :-( PS I will post here if I find a workaround!

              2. re: breadchick

                I wish they'd re-run anything rather than the same Kitchen Nightmares episodes over and over. And Top Gear.

                What I'd really like (and why they aren't doing it for the 50th anniversary along with all the other Whoha I'll never know) is for them to run the surviving Doctor Who episodes with Doctors 1 through 7. What's the point of BBC America if we don't finally get to see all the stuff that never showed in the US?

                1. re: ratgirlagogo

                  Hear, hear! I'd even watch them if it was a pay-per-view event.

                    1. re: ratgirlagogo

                      Hear hear and hear! I say the easiest job in the world is programmer for BBC America. Show up, schedule Top Gear, Star Trek, anything and everything with Gordon Ramsay's name attached, throw in one Graham Norton, and boom! You're finished for the week. You can go home and watch any other cable channel (even Golf Channel for gods sake!) and see a variety of shows. Just not on BBC America. What a waste of advertising dollars. Does anybody even watch it?

                      1. re: juliasqueezer

                        "Does anybody even watch it?"

                        (raises hand)

                        Well, yes. Plus, and this is the sad part, they have run some excellent scripted shows, like Orphan Black, Copper, The Hour, Broadchurch, Whitechapel, Ripper Street, Being Human, and of course Doctor Who (but as I complained, just the current iteration). No Kitchen Required was a fun cooking/travel show and I liked Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan.

                        But there is SO much UK BBC programming they could show that they don't show - which makes it all the more maddening that they run the Fox GR shows and Star Trek TNG. It really does seem a waste. We usually tune in for the actual BBC content (not Top Gear, which I don't much care for), but there is so much less than there could be.

                        1. re: ratgirlagogo

                          Just guessing here, but I'm assuming a lot of the limitation on spreading the good Channel 4 content about in the colonies is due to advertisers and sponsors in the good ol' Mother Country? If I recall correctly, that was the problem in getting Top Chef Canada here in the uppity insurgent yokel country because all the ads were for Canadians, not heathens.