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Dec 5, 2013 05:48 PM

Hartford- avoiding the whites

Doctor's orders: stay away from the whites. So I'm looking for cheap Asian places in Hartford that serve brown rice. Black Bamboo, Hot Basil, and Pik and Mix do it for me in West Hartford but is there anyplace in Hartford where I could park and grab take-out ?

How about pizza places with whole wheat crusts or grinders shops besides Subway that have wheat rolls ?

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  1. I'm thinking you are missing the boat. Avoiding the whites also means to minimize all sugar, rice, potato & wheat products if you are expecting significant results.

    Substituting whole grains is at best, perhaps a marginal improvement, but don't expect great results if you simply substitute (or at worse increase your intake) of the whole wheat vs. refined flour products.

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      The OP is looking for a way to make the substitution when they want to eat these foods.....surely there must be places in the Hartford area that offer these?

    2. Ah, thoughtfully chosen title. Hard to avoid the whites in Simsbury

      1. I've never seen a place that serves a real whole wheat grinder roll or makes pizza on real whole wheat crust. They all use mostly white flour, with a little whole wheat mixed in for color.

        That said, Aladdin Halal had 'whole' wheat crust, last I knew. Sorry I can't be of more help. While I do live in Hartford, I spend as little time here as I can.